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... The cremaster muscle. It is inside of the scrotum and extends into the groin. ... (5 replies)
... what makes scrodum shrink (5 replies)
... Also, that right testicle hangs somewhat more freely in the scrotum than the other and upon inspection the spermatic cord on that side feels a tiny bit, maybe just 1mm "thicker" than the other. ... (3 replies)

... Welcome to Healthboards. This is a great site and I hope you find your time here beneficial. Many here have diverse experiences, thus, can offer lots of support and guidance. I will do my best to answer your questions. Yes, both are true. Normally, once you start HRT, it's for life. Very seldom do the causes for hypogonadism reverse themselves naturally. The... (14 replies)
... I have been on Testosterone replacement therapy for about 3 years and am experiencing scrotum/testicle shrinkage along w/reduced semen upon ejaculation that looks watery/more clear than white. I am new to this site and before posting this question read thru as many other posts on this subject as I could find.. they were helpful but left me w/even more questions! Here's some... (14 replies)
... and I use the lowest possible trim number. While going down the side of my penis just as I reached the scrotum itself, I nicked myself a tiny bit and started to bleed. No blood was gushing out, it wasn't that serious, but it was bleeding. Just a regular cut. ... (2 replies)
... I agree that this is not something that would suddenly happen. Please see my response in the "What makes scrotum shrink" thread for a possible cause. ... (47 replies)
... Thanks all but, I relate to this one. (5 replies)
... orgasm can also pull the testicles up tight. some men's testicles pull up so tight they actually go inside the body for a time. (5 replies)
... Although cold is the most common thing, extreme fear, tension, anticipation, etc. can cause your testicles to pull up tight. Also, if I wear tight briefs for a while, it usually happens. (5 replies)
... icles hang depends on your body heat. The testicles are always kept at an optimal temperature, so when your body is warm they sag lower and when you're cold they shrink up close to your body. Since you're getting out of the shower you're probably hot and that's why they hang! ... (3 replies)
Aug 5, 2004
... did it once... scary as hell but I read you could. Just to try it and well, no you can't really cut yourself if your careful, like place cold water and make your scrotum shrink and then do it. ... (4 replies)
Red Scrotum
Apr 19, 2004
... ble, and I HOT! I sweated so bad I left a puddle on the chair! Gross right... I agree, this is ridiculous. Now I am trying to break the cycle, and need to find a shrink to prescribe me some Prozac... ... (43 replies)
... is point my scrtum had started to swell a bit. He told me it may just be hydrocele which didnt need to be medically treated. But now my testicles have started to shrink nearly half the size they were before. I have also been having pain in my scrotum and at the tip of my penis aswell as in my lower abdomen. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I've found little useful information to date on the net hopefully this post can help others out in that respect :). Varicose Veins of the Penis - (My) Overview and Chronology AGE: SEX: - 26 y/o - Male (12 replies)
... Also, even if it is basically a bag full of veins, they don't belong there and the increased heat from the extra blood supply reverses the whole purpose of your scrotum outside of your body, i.e., to lower the temperature of your testicles in order to produce healty, viable sperm. ... (2 replies)
... ver since I was very litte I have had what seems like enlarged veins or wormy looking thingy going down to my left testical. It can be seen under the skin if my scrotum drops, its not appealing. It does tend to shrink and exspand on occasion or flucuates in size. Not sure why. ... (2 replies)
... So more doctors you will ask, so more answers you will get. Let it be and take your balls as they are. you will make you crazy about to much thinking on your troubled balls. if one should shrink, the other is enough for your whole life. I had to do my vasectomy by my self many years ago, because it was forbidden for the doctors in the old eastern germany, like as yours with... (4 replies)
... hs ago. The procedure went well on my right side, but was difficult on the left. The surgeon had to remove a fibrous tissue mass he found in the left side of my scrotum in order to get to the vas deferens. ... (4 replies)
Shaving advice?
Dec 1, 2004
... est as the hair will be sofened. To do the penis is easy, for the testies alowing yourself to become cold from air drying after the shower or bath will cause the scrotum to shrink or tighten and make shaving alone less trouble. ... (3 replies)

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