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... orgasm can also pull the testicles up tight. some men's testicles pull up so tight they actually go inside the body for a time. ... (5 replies)
... At my job I lift heavy boxes all day.Down stacking and reaching etc...Sometimes after sex I cant still feel the pain mostly in my right testicle.If I pull up on the penis I can feel the testicles pull up with some discomfort. ... (1 replies)
... most men including myself, the testicle or testicles tighten up when you orgasm and ejac. this has nothing to do with your back. all you have to do is pull it back down. friends of mine said their testicles hang low with orgasm,so everything is normal as far as I am concerned. ... (2 replies)

Right testicle
Jan 8, 2008
... This is normal, for a lot of guys. With all of us, the testicles move closer to the body at orgasm, probably for protection. With a few of us, they actually pull up into the body. That is normal for those men. If it hurts, you should perhaps see a doctor to find out why. Pain is not normal. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks all but, I relate to this one. (5 replies)
... Although cold is the most common thing, extreme fear, tension, anticipation, etc. can cause your testicles to pull up tight. Also, if I wear tight briefs for a while, it usually happens. ... (5 replies)
Saggy testicles?
Oct 6, 2005
... The pouch includes an opening at the top that you pass your penis through. As a result you are able to pull the pouch up snugly onto your scrotum. So if you wore a suspensory under boxers, part of you would still have the "freer" feeling you're used to with boxers. ... (8 replies)
... all males have what looks like a scar, going from their anus, between their testicles, and up the underside of the penis. that is normal. I'm not quite sure if you are mistaking that, for the scar from your injury. ... (3 replies)
Low Testosterone
Jul 21, 2012
... d protein. I did this through a variety of beans and nuts. As I stated earlier, I work out with intensity. I started to feel a little weaker. I noticed this with pull ups and with my interval sprints. Everything seemed to be getting heavier. ... (1 replies)
Issue with penis
Apr 7, 2009
... There seems to be more skin underneath the testicles. I'm uncircumcised and there also seems to be more skin to pull back when urinating. The erect size has not shrunk, though. ... (2 replies)
... Hey gents, spent all day reading everyones posts, thanks for all the info. Here's my particular situation: I have Herpes Simplex 2, and have for about fifteen years. It usually flares up after periods of high stress or a significant lack of sleep, like when I pull an all-nighter for work. (As far as I know, it is the only STD I have, but I haven't been checked for... (1 replies)
... Another little known purpose is it controls testicular contractions during a man's orgasm. As a man near orgasm, it draws the testicles up close. If you or your partner pull them away as you get close to orgasm, it will slightly delay your ejaculation and increase your orgasm's intensity. ... (5 replies)
... I'm 45 and have had the same doctor since I was in my mid 20's. Back then when I had my yearly physical, while I was laying down he would pull down the front of my briefs and press around the pubic area. ... (17 replies)
Jun 9, 2006
... When it is cold and the testicles tend to hang high up and the scrotum sorta comes up too, that's all normal and i read somewhere that some people with torsion tend to have it so the testicles do not react to temperature. ... (3 replies)
... I've heard of doctors examining patients in that position before for a prostate exam. They can reach higher into the rectum with the patient in that position. As far as the testicle exam goes, he may have examined you again in that position because of the way that the scrotum would hang down in that position. (13 replies)
Nudity during exam
Apr 29, 2005
... and most times I've been asked to strip down to my underwear and wait for the doctor. He would perform most of the exam with me in my underwear, then ask me to pull my underwear down when it came time for the genital and rectal exam. ... (13 replies)
Annual exam
Dec 28, 2004
... m the testes and that also contain the tube called the vas deferens.I then examine the testicles. It is important to note their size and any adjacent structures. Testicles are roughly 4 cm in length and approximately the size of a small egg. They should be smooth and their examination should not be tremendously uncomfortable. ... (11 replies)
... aning there is nothing that can be miraculously done for me so I must not let myself get any lower. The deeper you allow yourself to get the harder it will be to pull yourself back! And the people who can't pull themselves back, the people who dig so deep they hit rock bottom? ... (26 replies)
Testicle Disorder
Oct 18, 2003
... ccured when i was very young and I am wondering if this condition could be a factor in the condition of my left testicle. Since I can honestly remember, both my testicles have never been the same. My right hangs low, unrestricted like i believe most do. ... (6 replies)
... Its actually coming up for 2 years since I started suffering from this problem, but I'll give u a bit of history. ... (3 replies)

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