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... Could it be the thyriod or low Vit D that is causing this? ... (5 replies)
... n this board, I hope you could help me and save me some money if I don't really need to visit a doctor, and if I just need natural foods and remedies to increase FSH naturally. ... (7 replies)
... vitamin D 25 OH, TSH......gosh I have forgotten the whole list of things to check. ... (12 replies)

... I see Dr. Eugene Shippen and he tested me for vit D and told me that can cause low T in some cases but he did not elaborate. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin but it is a hormone. It is a building block for many of the hormones your body makes. So if low it can effect your bodies ability to make hormones..... ... (5 replies)
... Can you tell me more about Vitamin D deficiency in relation to low testosterone? ... (5 replies)
... Make sure you rule out the other possible causes that can be treated separately. These include high estradiol or total estrogen, vitamin D deficiency, hemochromatosis (iron overload) and hypothyroidism. Test for estradiol, total estrogen, vit D 25 OH, iron, ferritin, TIBC, saturation % (these last 4 are a basic anemia panel) , TSH, and prolactin. Once you have exhausted... (5 replies)
... I would check out the other known causes. These include hemochromatosis, vitamin D deficiency, hypothyroidism, excess estrogen (estradiol in particular). Most likely you will fall into the category most people do of no known cause. In this case you must treat the disease symptoms rather than its cause. This means testosterone replacement or HCG or both. HCG will keep... (18 replies)
... r old man that would be mid range. I will post a list of possible issues living for long periods on low T can cause. But first I want to address the low LH and FSH question. ... (18 replies)
... ymptoms can be related to low testosterone. I'm glad to see you had your thyroid checked and it looks normal to me too. Another possible causes could be low in vitamin D and I would suggest having it checked. There are diff. ... (2 replies)
Hormone imbalance
Dec 13, 2012
... You probably already know skeletal muscle makes T, so weight training's good for this. I'm not sure about low/normal FSH+high LH, I would guess that says something about pituitary-hypothalamus interaction, but I don't know what. Maybe it's something to do with levitra. I believe high LH+low T is generally a sign of poor testicular T production. Unfortunately it seems like TRT... (1 replies)
... I "think" I am primary hypogondal but I have never been told for sure. I have had low T at least since I was 33 and I am 37 now. I tried a brief round of shots but the family doctor did not know what he was doing and I got manb00bs, etc. I have stayed away from it in recent years due to trying to have a baby but I am about at my whits end; tired of being tired. I am very... (2 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am a 19 years old male... almost 20, I have been suffering for sometime now from many things but I can't seem to find the cause or what is wrong with me. Mainly, I feel that I am underdeveloped, I lack the muscular shape, NO facial hair, baby face, underweight, sometimes I feel lack of confidence and anxiety for no reason at all. I also don't get morning... (0 replies)
... (My First Post in this forum, although I have been reading it for several months. Thanks all, especially Hayfarmer for the incredible wealth of information!) I am a 45-year health male, 5' 7", 150lbs with low testosterone. I highly respect my doctor for his competency and compassion towards his patients, and as can be seen below, he ordered all the tests below to... (23 replies)
... Okay like 2 weeks ago I didn't sleep all night and went and got tested for testosterone, CBC, etc. because I was really depressed, has problems sleeping, and just wanted get a check up. My testosterone came back at 202 (241-827). My tsh 3rd generation was 5.14 (.4-4.5) my vitamin D was 31 (30-100). I know not sleeping may have lowered the test but it was still probably... (4 replies)
... Though the total testosterone seems to be normal but my LH and FSH are low. I reverified my LH and FSH from another laboratory today and the values seem to show secondary hypogonadism. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks a lot for your reply. I found a new doctor and they ordered testing for cortisol, prolactin, estradiol, Vitamin D, another testosterone reading, and T3 for my thyroid. ... (2 replies)
... I am 35 years old. I'm a little overweight and don't do much exercise just because I don't have the energy. Biggest symptoms are depression, fatigue, heat intolerance, sweating, and memory problems. There are many other smaller symptoms too like dry skin, aches and pains, etc. I've been to a few different doctors this year and so far I don't think any of them have a clue... (2 replies)
Low testosterone
Mar 20, 2009
... I do not know if ambien could cause this. Many men have this, more than anyone knows, and for most of them there is no known cause. So it is certainly possible something in the drugs we take could have something to do with it. Additional tests would include estradiol, total estrogen, vitamin D 25 OH and an iron panel (iron, ferritin, TIBC, saturation %) to rule out... (6 replies)
... so started 4000IU which bring up to 32 . Can vitamin be reason of low testosterone or vice verse ? ... (7 replies)
... I've been on SERMs for 1 month and got tested. Looks like its working but i hope it stays once ive been off of them for a while. Any comments are appreciated. here are the results: ------------------------------------------------- Before SERMS: 09-09-08 Testosterone Total: 306 Bio Testosterone: 191 (128-430) SHBG: 21 (20-60) % Free Testosterone: 2.6 (1.5-3.2) (0 replies)

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