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I am mainly posting because my brain won't stop focusing on this and I need a way to get the thoughts to clear my mind. On Monday, I had a situation happen and I can't stop thinking about it. I was at work, having a normal morning, all of a sudden my tongue started it does when you get novocaine at the dentist. It quickly moved from my tongue to my cheek, to my ear...and then progressed down the entire right side of my body. The majority of the tingling and numbness went away, except my face. Shortly after I was having a hard time seeing out of my right eye. For the next hour or so I was super cloudy and out of it. They wanted to call 911 thinking I'd had a stroke, but I didn't let them. I ended up driving myself home, but as soon as I got in the car I realized I shouldn't be driving--I'm stubborn like that and did it anyway; but my arms and legs were tired/weak. By 3pm my mom and my husband forced me to the ER because the numbness had not gone away and there was a terrible headache. (2 days later and my tongue and cheek are still numb --sorta comes and goes--and there is a pain behind my right eye.) At the ER, they basically did nothing. They took blood and urine and told me there was no indication of a stroke. The on call neurologist advised that I see my doctor to follow up with an MRI because the symptoms sound like early signs of MS.

I went to my regular doctor, she agreed that the sypmtoms sound like MS but said they wouldn't likely diagnose with only one episode. She referred me to the neurologist and I'm waiting for the call. She didn't order the MRI and said the neurologist may want it done differently or something.

Of course when you hear MS by two doctors, you start thinking more than you should. Thankfully (joking) the internet is here to confirm that every symptom could be related to MS. I spent hours reviewing other scenarios...wanting to reassure myself that it was likely not MS, but as I've read more about makes me think there is no other answer. I'm pretty certain I'm working myself up...but I'm wondering if there is anyone that can help set my mind at ease?

Here are some other things:
A little under 2 years ago, I woke up with what I thought was vertigo. I was 'dizzy' and couldn't walk properly. My right arm went completely numb and I was unable to move it. I went to the ER, they did a CT scan and they said it was probably a pinched nerve. I saw my regular doctor who said the same thing. After about 48 hours, it cleared. I have since been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in that same I assumed it was linked to that.

I also have pretty significant pain in my right hip and back. It comes and goes. I'll be fine for a long time and then in a ton of pain for a few days or weeks. I've become used to it and assumed it was just part of getting older. (I turned 37 a few weeks ago.)

For the past 10+ years I've had bladder problems. I use the bathroom on average every 60-90 minutes. At night I typically go at least once.

There are several other things that are making me think this is what it could be...but I just wonder if there is another explanation. I spent all afternoon yesterday looking for other answers, but nothing else makes sense.

Like I said...just trying to get the worry out of my head by putting it in writing. I am hoping the neurologist calls today to get this scheduled...the doctor marked the referral urgent--but not really sure what urgent means to them.

Between the tongue numbness and eye pain...and the waiting game, I'm going a little mad!

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