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Hi All.. For a little over 2 years now I have had some strange symptoms .. Maybe not strange but confusing and annoying .. I am a 32 year old female .. And have seen about 10 different Drs for different problems .. Started with neck pain that would radiate down my right arm stiffness in neck and upper back.. Numbness tingling in fingers hands arms .. Feels like they are falling asleep ... Then I stsrted noticing I was losing intrest in things life in general .. Im tired all the time.. Depressed alot have mood swings .. Other problems I have had were as follows .. I was diagnosed with pre senile presbycussis hearing loss that normally happen as we mature usually around the age of 65-70 lost hi pitch ranges have a hard time hearing people without paying close attention to their mouths .. any back ground noise and forget it .. Another problem I have been having was waking up gasping for air almost as if choking in my sleep .. Was sent for a sleep study and to see a pulmonologist .. Was diagnosed with sleep apnea .. Had low oxygen levels of 80 wjile sleeping .. Tried C-pap .. didnt work so they did UPP surgery .. shortening of the palette tonsil removal, adnoids, and lining of the throat .. surgery was 4 weeks ago .. three weeks after the surgery it started again choking in my sleep .. ENT dr did a scope and said the base of my tongue was still quite large and I may need more surgery .. 2 years ago I strated seeing a neurologist who did EMG/NCV studies according to the study the results were as follows.. The NCV study showed significantly prolonged distal motor latency, proximal motor, F/wave afterulnarand the median nerve bilaterally, more after median nerve with diminished compound motor action potentialsan sensory amplitudes bilaterally.. The conduction velocity is in the low abnormal range .. Needle Exam of the muscles showed large polyphasic motor units in distal gruop of muscles.. he said this meant preiphreal neuropathy.. also have had muscls cramping in lower extremities .. shaking hands.. A few tremors where hands and arms shake uncontrolably in certain positions.. Recently had a bout with optic neuritis .. The Optomologist sent me for am mri of my brain .. he was suprised it was never done before.. this MRI showed 2 punctate foci of hyperintense signal on t2 images involving the right frontal and left medial frontoparietal subcortical white matter. I also have low back problems reoccurent lumbar sprain w annulus tears.. There have been other symptoms also sometimes I slur my speach .. forget what I am doing or saying .. lose intrest quickly ...restless legs when laying down, Bladder probs.. Not much control if trying to run or play with my child .. its all wearing on me .. I have lots of pain in different parts of my body at different times .. could range from leg cramps that last a day or two or full body cramps .. Still have nombness and tingling in hands and arms on different occasions .. Cold extremities .. High tempatures make some of the pains more unberable .. Tomorrow I can have an almost pain free day .. then the following I can go back to being miserable.. I am scheduled to see a new neurologist for him to evaluate me for possible MS >> AM I NUTS???.. :-) sometimes I wonder.. I am not asking you for a definate answer .. Just some help in this area .. Thank You ALL so much for any response I may recieve

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