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So here is my story... About 4 maybe 5 months ago I noticed that I had some numbness in my hands and it would at times move up my arms. My career demands that I type a lot and I figured it may be carpal tunnel problems. Because the numbness changed everyday (better, worse, there or not, etc.) I did not worry too much.

Two months ago my father passed away unexpectedly. His passing created a HUGE amount of anxiety and stress and it really has been one of the most difficult things I have dealt with. The day after he passed, I noticed my 2 of my toes on my right foot were not responding as they should. It has progressed to be all five toes will not respond then just the one that basically does not move and now the left foot is doing the same thing. One day they don't want to work, but then the next I can get most of them to respond. I realized that the toes were not working and that they were also numb! It is weird that I am unsure when the numbness started-- because it doesn't hurt and well needless to say I was quite preoccupied. Maybe a week later I realized I had numbness in my face and entire head-- the worst is the tongue. The symptoms change all day every day and has been going on for months. I also have tingling and burning in hands, feet and face/head and it appears something is wrong with the muscles in my throat-- you can see only one side of my throat is working when I swallow.

I went to my primary care Dr. who prescribed Xanax for anxiety. She said I was obviously under a lot of stress and said anxiety can do funny things to a person-- including numbness in hands and feet. She had me do some blood work and referred me to a neurologist. Blood work came back fine for those initial tests and I was hopeful. Went to neurologist who sent me for brain MRI. This scan showed one white matter abnormality. Neuro said while it is an "abnormality," that because there is only one she wasn't too excited-- but wanted to do EMG test for peripheral neuropathy. I did the electric test on right side of arm and foot/leg and she said it was all fine. Went on to do more blood tests to see if there are inflammatory issues and that all came back fine. Next I had the 3 spinal MRI's... I am waiting for the results (hopefully) sometime this week.

All these tests and no answers is making me crazy! I am constantly aware of all these changing symptoms and it is hard to not think it could be MS. My grandmother passed away of MS in 1990 and while I know a lot has changed in the medical world of MS since then, it frightens me to think I may have same disease.

Sorry this is such a long post-- any suggestions, thoughts or words is appreciated.


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