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Hi Buddy.
You wrote"OK I took a luke warm bath today, BIG difference. I just need some more clarification, my "triggers" seem to be heat and exercise, both of these impact my vision. So I will continue to take cooler showers/baths. My question is what about exercise, it seems like a lose lose situation, I'm supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but exercise is a trigger. Should I avoid exercise (I only go for small walks). And am I suppose to avoid heat and exercise all the time or only when I have a flare up (Not sure of the lingo here yet). What am I to do in the summer heat going from very hot to very cold (I live were it gets really hot in the summer and everyone and everywhere has airconditioning). "

I am glad you took the cooler shower, I really hoped it would make a difference for you. I too, live in one of the hottest and most humid areas of the country....and I exercise regularly. I joined a gym which is air conditioned...and also has large fans blowing (circulating) the air around- but I also wear clothes which wick away mositure (under armour or champion make them) and work out in layers which I can take off (in public!). In between going from cardio to weight training, I usually go into the ladies room and submerge my head in the sink...making sure my wrists and neck are wet with cold water... and stay out of indoor pools. I tried to join the YMCA, thinking that swimming in the winter would be a good thing....NOT! They keep it at 76 degrees, which is what the American Arthritis Association suggests- however for MSers, forget it! I couldnt get out of the pool without help....its like sitting in a bathtub, which is counter productive...

I also work out at home and take long walks. I wear a cooling vest- and wrist bands which are made for keeping your wrists cool. I have a hat which also has a band which you submerge in ice water, which keeps your head cool for up to 5 hours at a time..whenever my husband and I go out for a day with the kids, ball park, dog park, amusement park, I always wear my cooling hat! IT really helps..

So the answer to do you only work out at certain times is absolutely NO. You need to work out when you feel great- and you need to push through and continue to work out when you are tired- and feeling drained...the only time you wouldnt want to work out, is if you are truly down for the in - being on IV steroids for a few days...then, your body really needs to relax and you need sleep more than you need exercise. I get up at 5 am most days and try to hit the gym for 45 minutes before going to work...there are days when I didnt get home till 11 pm and just cant make myself do it....but I will FORCE myself to stop at the gym on my way home and if nothing else, ride the bike for 5 miles- thats about 40 minutes for me..

as for the Optical Neuritis, if it was true ON, and it was left untreated you could be experincing residual pain this can still go see a good opthamologist and request that they put you on a medrol dose pack, which will simply decrease inflammation for a week and help if you have pain- but its too late to really 'treat" it.....also try ibuprofin, which can reduce inflammation. I can assure you that its not a more aggressive form of MS at this time, because you would be in MUCH worse shape by now....MS doesnt happen overnight- you have probably had it for years, it was the post pregnancy hormones which brought on the symptoms...unfortunately, this happens, its expected and normal for MS patients....hang in there, ok?? IT will get better.

Hope this helps..
Nikki, thank you for taking the time to respond.
I take my daughter swimming every Sunday and definitely have vision issues when I am there. I might stop going, or go a bit less. Thanks for the suggestion on the head band.

It’s great to hear about working out. I was tired today (just normal tired from working a lot), but I still went for a walk. The thought of having MS has definitely made me look at life differently (in a good way).

The opthamologist didn’t think it was ON (I still think it is and I was under the impression that the diagnosis was subjective). My Dr said the inflammation could be in an area that the opthamologist couldn’t see and that my next MRI will look at my optic nerves. I’m not in any pain in my eye so if the treatment is for pain, then I’m ok.

I’ve been pretty upset about this and its been weighing on my mind, but being on this forum and talking to you guys has made me feel a lot better.
Buddy, Im glad you are feeling better....and that we are helping!

Im assuming you are taking your daughter swimming inside? Or is it strictly outside? Either way, look up cooling hats- and find devices made to keep the body cool. Some people like cooling vests- I prefer the hat- but remember, any time you are in hot, humid conditions, its not a good thing for MS...keeping the head cooled, especially the top and back of the neck, will make a huge difference.

As for ON- any decent Opthamologist, can dialate and see behind the eye, and tell you if there is optic nerve damage/ thinning / or do NOT need an MRI for this, although an orbitol MRI will show the same thing. A optician, eye glass maker, can not see what needs to be seen, but a good MD Opthamologist, can do this in the office. There are also Neuro-Opthamologists, eye doctors who study diseases of the eyes based on neurological diseases- if you can find one, they are usually hard to get in to see, but you can do homework while you feel okay, in case you need one down the road for any reason..

I think you are doing amazingly well. Keep up the walking! And keep us posted..

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