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So I have been in a steady decline since mid March when I first began having trouble walking, nearly falling, several times a day. Right leg would just go out after a sudden, sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back. After 2 wks of this, I went to the dr because the pain was not tolerable. Got pain meds and an mri, found mild arthritis on one facet, a bulging, degenerative disc with a small tear and figured we found the culprit. I saw a pain dr, got 3 epidural injections that did not help, in fact I was getting worse slowly. Working as a cashier became harder and I started physical therapy. By the first week of may I was having shooting pain down my right arm, was dropping things because I would just let go and my arm would go numb. Then the pain in the neck and arm got so bad I didn't sleep for two days. With a numb/painful/at times tingling hand and arm and severe neck pain I went to the dr and requested a cervical mri and to see a spine specialist. The neurosurgeon started me on gabapentin 3 wks ago and ordered a thoracic mri also. Neck has 4degenerative and bulging discs, no cord impingment and 2 arthritic facets. So yes my neck should be hurting but didn't explain everything else. Thorasic showed 5 nerve root sleeve cysts. I have now been on medical leave for the past 6wks, laying in a bed or re liner in intolerable pain. I finally agreeded to take the vicodin round the clock and am taking the gabapentin which they help, but I cannot function as a 32yr old mother should. Monday the right side of my face got fuzzy and heavy, tongue was tingling, so my mom to me to the hospital to rule out stroke, that is when I met with 2 neurologists in the er who looked over my mri's that were in there system and said that because of the cysts and the mri not giving an explination they both believe that ms is highly probable. I am going in on the 20th to meet with them. Any advice, I just want my life back and the quality of my life is steadily declining and I feel helpless, like my body is revolting against me.

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