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Hi southpa

[QUOTE=southpa;5272963]I have had optic neuritis, and my regular doctor told me that was almost a 100% clear indicator that I did have MS, but as of [QUOTE]

Your regular Doctor (Primary Care Physician?) was incorrect.

Optic Neuritis (ON) is not an exclusive symptom of MS, in fact, there is no symptom(s) which are unique to MS. All symptoms seen in MS can have other causes.

There are those with MS who have or had Optic Neuritis and some, like myself who have never had Optic Neuritis. There are those who do not have MS but have had Optic Neuritis. Optic Neuritis can simply be a stand alone diagnosis without any other underlying condition or due to another condition/disease.

[QUOTE]....I talked with my neurologist, and he seemed so confused.....He said that it showed they were completely gone and made no mention as to whether or not their were black holes. [/QUOTE]

I would not be concerned about 'black holes' as your Neurologist would have mentioned them if there were any. Black holes indicate permanent axon damage where there was once a lesion (scaring). Black holes can be seen on brain MRIs. Black holes do not happen with spinal cord lesions.

[QUOTE]If my lesions have disappeared...
does that mean I never had MS, or that my MS was cured by some miracle? I am just asking....I don't know.

No, you were not cured by some miracle nor cured at all. There is absolutely no way MS can be cured :(

Your lesions may have healed and at this time the MRI is not able to detect them. Your Neurologist will probably follow you for awhile with MRIs to see if you show lesions. If after X amount of time and no lesions your diagnosis of MS may very well be a misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, being misdiagnosed can and does happen.

I would hope that when you were going through the diagnostic process that your Neurologist did testing to rule out other conditions which would cause similar symptoms as MS.

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