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Thank you all for the replies. I wasn't too concerned with the waiting for answers. I've always had to wait for answers and grown accustomed to it, but this recent fatigue is growing quite old quickly. That's why I suddenly want to know what's going on.

My neuro is also an opthamologist and has ruled out the eye disorders. He is based out of a neuroscience center that is about an hour from my home that has a great reputation around here and people seem to love. They do have several MS specialists there and I am going to ask to go see one of them at my next appt in January. My GP is brand new to me. I love her, she listens, she is attentive, she follows through, the first GP I've had I truly care for - I switched insurance when I started working as an RN and had to pick a new provider and she has been great. Just started seeing her last month (I was slow to get the ball rolling - the ER sent me to the neuro).

I have no real problems working my 8 hours shifts 90% of the time. Getting mandated for a 16 hour shift would probably put me down for a week though. I appreciate all of your thoughts and insight. Thanks for your contributions.
Hi Murse,
You and I have similar backgrounds. And, reading each of the posts, and knowing you speak the language, there isnt alot that I can add to what Jayhawk and Snoopy told you in the first two responses.
I will add that I also see a neuro-Opthamologist because I have definatively had OPtical Neuritis 4 times, which can also be a standalone disease or a part of MS and a neuro-Op is the guy to see. As stated above, they deal with eye diseases which are related to the Central Nervous system. Since yours has ruled this OUT as being MS related, go with it. Its more than likely trigeminal neuralgia related. Have you seen a good Oral Surgeon>? Many specilize in this.

I also want to add that when I had my MRI, over 50 lesions were found. That was ten years ago. I have since gotten 4 higher degrees, published and taken a job which has me traveling extensively. Saying you "might have to stop working" is actually a choice. I could do my job from a wheelchair if I had to and wanted to. But I dont have to. I work as hard (if not harder) than anyone I know and manage a team of people all over the country. MS doesnt mean you might have to stop working, stopping working is a choice which some people make. I have over 100 lesions now and my life hasnt changed significantly.

Understanding where you are professionally and in your journey, my advice is to get to the best MS specialist you can find. You might want to keep this out of your hospital system. Disclosure, is also a choice, and you may not want your coworkers to find out whats going on. I made that mistake once, and it was horrible. I no longer tell anyone that I have MS. But thats another story, Whats important is that you get to the right doctor and a MS specialist is the best person to either dx or rule out MS. I should mention too that Ive now had 3 LPs and not one of them has in the 15%. However, my MRIs are significant in lesions and my symptoms are classic in nature. Once you see the right doctor and get the answers, youll get pointed in a better direction. I do not agree that time is of the essence. This is not something which will change your life overnight, nor is it curable - therefore, whatever you are dealing with, will still be there after the New Year if you choose to wait until then to deal with it.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have~ and know that you are not alone in limboland. Many people are and we understand how scary and frustrating this is....
try to have a good week!

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