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... fectively create an electrical loop. When exposed to the high "on off" of the magnetic waves, this can cause your PNS to be affected and you could have twitches as a result. ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone, Had my MRI this morning of my brain and C-spine. First ever MRI for me. As a reminder to all: my great grandmother, mother, sister, and cousin all have MS (or had, in case of great grandmother). I have been having some MS like symptoms so went to an MS specialist. Anyway, during my MRI this morning I experienced some strange body sensations. My left... (1 replies)
... Amantadine is antiviral that has shown to be helpful for MS fatigue. Amantadine has been used as such for many years. Most common medications used in the treatment of MS fatigue is Provigil, Nuvigil, and stimulants used for A.D.D. ... (9 replies)

... as well as MS and other possible causes. As such, I would encourage you to start with the doctor who sees you for POTS and go from there. Could it be MS? ... (4 replies)
... Amatadine is used primarily for PD, but also to treat respiratory infections as well as PD like symptoms. ... (9 replies)
... B12 deficiency symptoms can mimic MS as well as dementia and Alzheimer's. Some people who are B12 deficient have Lhermitte's sign as a symptom. There are cases where people have been incorrectly diagnosed with MS when they really have a B12 deficiency. ... (9 replies)
... Checking variants of Lhermitte's sign, there are several variants. As to the direction you indicated, it falls under one of the variant types, but would need to be seen by the doctor to confirm. ... (9 replies)
... do not know if it is a relapse for you. Some MSers may have it all the time. If the aforementioned alternative causes are ruled out, then you can conclude MS as the cause. ... (9 replies)
... se of my scull and tingling up my head to envelope mostly the upper left side of my head. I am guessing I am having a relapse. I was unable to see my neurologist as its impossible to get in to see him for months. So a local clinic doctor gave me prednisone. So far it's the only thing helping. ... (9 replies)
... g on the internet, it is difficult to say what records can be accessed. All my records with my MS Specialist are stored electronically and my GP can access them as needed. ... (20 replies)
... mailed my neuro's nurse, which was her request to do so as they would be contacting me first before they would let her know. ... (20 replies)
What do I do next?
Jul 31, 2015
... fist tested. If you are fearful of supplement overdose, you can get natural Vitamin D from the sun. You need to go in direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes with as much skin exposure as you can. No sunscreen as this blocks the Vitamin D absorption. I get mine in the pool, so as not to overheat. ... (12 replies)
Checking In Again
Jul 30, 2015
... sbha12, As a side note, your divorce ranks fairly high on stress events within our lives. Stress can cause MS symptoms to present and could be linked towards your newest lesions. The less stress you have in your life, the better you might be without needing to change meds. Was your doctor aware of your stress events? Personally, I would encourage you to keep on your... (3 replies)
Question about MS
Jul 30, 2015
... ejng a therapist due to depression issues and im quite happy with my job,my man, my life. I just cant seem to kick this funk and thats becoming a frustrating irk as well. ... (18 replies)
Question about MS
Jul 30, 2015
... Your writing does not present as anxious, but the MS Specialist might need to consider this factor too. I do not know. So long as your MS Specialist has all the information and history, I sincerely believe you will get an answer or at the very least a referral. ... (18 replies)
Question about MS
Jul 30, 2015
... I cant take painkillers as they make me very sick. ... (18 replies)
... steroids. My MS is progressive, so DMTs would be a waste for me. I have my own remedies for my pain. My doctor tells me that my getting up and keeping moving as well as a healthy dose of optimism are the two biggest positives in my dealing with MS. ... (12 replies)
... am doing as most have recommended. ... (12 replies)
... which is why my symptoms were controlled and I wrote off odd symptoms as side effects when they could have been attacks or something. I'm not sure how useful a journal would be for these reasons either but I'll give it a shot. ... (12 replies)
... even hold objects. While I do not have noticeable swelling, it is MS related. I get this in both hands, though it will often be more apparent in my right hand as I am right handed. Often, I will literally sit on my right hand and force myself to use my left hand. In the summer I soak my hands in cold water which helps. ... (3 replies)

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