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MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... Feel like shortness of breath but am not short of breath." sounds hormonal. This is what many describe as menopausal symptoms. ... (4 replies)
MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... panic can be the MS link. Anxiety or stress can trigger MS symptoms. You can also have a cascade of reactions as your pain increases. ... (4 replies)
MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... d accompanied by generalized weird feeling. This was happening about a year ago, then gone completely and recently started up again. Leg does not seem to be weak as I can move it and walk ok. Any thoughts? ... (4 replies)

Urinary Retention
Aug 14, 2017
... Bladder issues can be stress and anxiety triggered too. Under increased stress, personally I have an increased bladder as well as bowel frequency. Also to be considered are dietary triggers. ... (2 replies)
Urinary Retention
Aug 14, 2017
... The medication has taken away the urgent tingling sensation and I am not going to the washroom as frequently. ... (2 replies)
... One day at a time is all we have. If she is under your roof, then there has to be an understanding. Food is often used as a tool dating to childhood control issues. ... (8 replies)
... cle you describe. I am not trying to scare you, but perhaps you can share my story and scare her out of bed. If not, then yes, you must leave her on her own for as long as you can. She has to take care of herself if she is at all capable. Get her a walker and leave it by the bed. ... (8 replies)
... I think that her doctor and psychologist are beginning to give up on her as she has such an " avoiding" character . Anything that is in the least bit challenging she finds ways of avoiding. ... (8 replies)
... I know that it is frustrating. As she has someone coming thrice weekly, I wonder if this person can encourage her to become more active or to start a regiment of stretching. ... (8 replies)
... but at the same time it is difficult not to be resentful at times, as I have zero time to take care of myself. ... (8 replies)
... ms stuck mentally and physically. She has shut out all her friends and doesn't want to see anyone that knew her pre ms. I suppose I can understand that in a way as they are all getting on with their lives ,careers ,marriage, kids etc. ... (8 replies)
... I am posting as a mother with a daughter who was diagnosed with RRMS about 6 years ago. ... (8 replies)
... The location is convient for me as I'm about 20 minutes away in Hudson county. I just have no clue who will be coming in and am wondering if anyone has info on any others in the area. ... (3 replies)
... uickly. There is no rhyme or reason. It might also be that you have had a symptom but your tolerance was higher. I have had sensitivities due to laundry soap as well as certain fabrics. I hope you can find a resolution. ... (3 replies)
... There is no set symptom exclusive to one MS type. What you might be experiencing is the scar tissue interrupting the nerves. As a lesion develops and then heals, it can leave a lingering symptom. Sometimes the body will rewire the damaged area. ... (3 replies)
... my arm between the shoulder and elbow I feel this burning pain almost. Recently I've become to question this though because it seems like this pain is spreading as well as it's very slowly getting worse. I started noticing the same pain in my thighs and now I feel the sensitivity is spreading to my shoulder. ... (3 replies)
... I am glad you are feeling better firemom,I have no pain issues , it is the frequency issues as you describe and I feel like my bladder is not completely empty. Its summer and so I have been drinking much more water MSJayhawk, that definitely is a trigger. ... (5 replies)
... For me, bladder issues arise from stress. As my stress increases, my bladder frequency increases. Do you know if you have any triggers? ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I had the same problem, as well as night incontinence. My Neuro sent me to a urologist, who did an ultrasound and said I wasn't emptying my bladder completely. ... (5 replies)
... but you could just as easily have them from arthritis! Try not to think ahead. I know its scary, not knowing...but you cant live your life worrying about "what if". ... (5 replies)

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