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Odd Dizziness
Feb 23, 2017
... It happens if I'm stopped in traffic. I feel as if my car is moving if someone else alongside me moves their car. It's awful because it feels like my car is moving backwards and I get woozy. ... (2 replies)
... my friend, i do hope you get this message, for the love of God, don't do it, find another way, my wife, in 2011, doctors said to me the only way to know what type of MS or what type of lesion they have to take a biopsy, after the operation, she can move a muscle, can't talk, and half blind, please please think it over and over and over (11 replies)
... I'm starting to really wonder now what is going on. I don't have MS but I also don't have an answer as to why I am deteriorating. This is about my health MSjayhawk and really everything that can be done should be done. What if it's sinister? ... (11 replies)

... The test is invasive for a biopsy and there may still be no definitive answers as to the cause therein. I personally do not believe that the risk outweighs the benefits. ... (11 replies)
... s go with severe weakness and pain. I cannot do daily tasks because they are too difficult with my legs. I think it's time to do a biopsy because I don't have MS as they have said and they don't know what it is. ... (11 replies)
... There is one way to find out and I think a biopsy is a reasonable request seen as they don't know what is causing these larger lesions and they don't know what's causing my symptoms. ... (11 replies)
... I want to be sure there isn't some sort of cancer going on and I think a biopsy is warranted given they have no clue as to why I am so unwell. At the moment I am finding it very difficult to stand too long. My legs are like lead and the pain is bad. ... (11 replies)
... n MRI showed lesions on the occipital lobes which is apparently not the typical location for MS. The report did not say how many lesions were seen but mention MS as a possible cause. ... (4 replies)
Can this be ms?
Feb 12, 2017
... That is good. I would evaluate the mechanical as well as the anxiety issue. Anxiety ranks as a major MS mimicry. ... (12 replies)
Can this be ms?
Feb 11, 2017
... psychiatrist as part of the neurology team. ... (12 replies)
Can this be ms?
Feb 11, 2017
... mineral deficiencies, some medications and mental health problems that can cause similar symptoms as those seen in MS. ... (12 replies)
CT scan?
Feb 7, 2017
... Anxiety ranks quite high as an MS mimicry. The symptoms can debilitate just like MS, but anxiety does not cause lesions. ... (10 replies)
... psychiatrist looks at psychiatric symptoms as well as physical causes related therein. ... (32 replies)
... Can post traumatic mean psychiatric as well other causes? ... (32 replies)
... pecialists and go through the check lists. With that which you have shared in the past, post traumatic may be the cause while setting aside the smaller lesions as "'red herrings". ... (32 replies)
... Post traumatic was listed as well as ischemia on my 2015 brain Mri report. But this radiologist was given no clinical question or previous imaging. ... (32 replies)
CT scan?
Feb 6, 2017
... o experience with MS. A CT Scan is not a diagnostic tool for MS. BUT it can find MS mimicries. Neither a clear CT nor a CT with an abnormality will point to MS as there is no specific testing for MS. ... (10 replies)
... mm. And five or six in the left cerebral hemispheres. One corpus callosum under 2mm. The neurologist I had for six years did this Mri as he was testing me for MS. No contrast was given. ... (14 replies)
... I'm a little bit stressed out at the moment as well so the headaches could be tension. ... (32 replies)
... ve slowed down considerably. I hope I never experience what you say, but I am experiencing my own share. I really find my legs giving away with pain and weakness as the day goes on. I am clumsy and very sort of watery. I struggle with having these type of symptoms and no reasonable answer being given for tyem. ... (14 replies)

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