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... ul side effects. There is now a tablet version licensed called Mavenclad but her neurologist wants her to have the 3 injections, he feels it is more controlled as it is straight into the blood stream. Don't think it is licensed in the USA yet. ... (0 replies)
MRI Question
May 18, 2018
... My appointment with my neurologist is not until June 19th. I got a copy of the MRI and I will be the first to say. That really could be somebody's elses' brain, but it has my name on it, so I guess it's mine. :) It really looks like a trainwreck in there so I know it is mine. 2013 was not a good year for me. January I had what was called "Brain-stem" strokes and in Sept.... (3 replies)
MRI Question
May 18, 2018
... Try not to panic! I have new lesions every time I have an MRI, which is yearly...I have over 200 lesions now and I am still independent and working. The number of lesions you have means absolutely nothing- its all about the placement of those lesions. More than likely its time to change your drug from what you are on to something stronger..and your neuro will discuss that... (3 replies)

MRI Question
May 18, 2018
... Thanks for your question. Neoplasm is any new or abnormal growth. For you it means that more probing is necessary as the report points away from lesions. I would, however, suggest that you speak with your MS Specialist first. ... (3 replies)
... I have tried vesicare with no luck as well as oxybutrin Iím beginning to think that maybe my issue is the fibroid on my uterus (6 replies)
... Your symptoms as described are very very consistent with those of established type II diabetes. ... (5 replies)
... but you could just as easily have them from arthritis! Try not to think ahead. I know its scary, not knowing...but you cant live your life worrying about "what if". ... (5 replies)
... Hi Eric. I too have spinal lesions as well as brain and I have RRMS. ... (5 replies)
... I think that your doctor and most doctors start with the assumption of RRMS as a starting point because of the large percentage of patients. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, All: As some of you know, I was diagnosed on May 13, 2013 following a bout of ON. The ON resolved with vision in the affected eye returning to 20/25. Thinking back, my first clinical presentation was likely a year earlier when I had a buzzing/numbing sensation in both feet. This resolved fully after a few weeks. An MRI of the brain, neck and spinal cord revealed... (5 replies)
... ases and medicated for 10 years before an MS Specialist at the Mayo found that she had neither disease, rather MS alone. Getting off the meds, she said she felt as though she had lost a decade off of her life. ... (4 replies)
... The EMG is the test I'm least looking forward to, since part of my disorder means I don't clot blood as quickly as other people so I'm pretty sure I'll be black and blue for a while. ... (4 replies)
... HI there and welcome to healthboards. You asked And how is the EMG used in diagnosing MS? Its not. Not really. However, a big symptom of MS is numbness and/ or doing an EMG , a doctor can tell how well-and how quickly- nerves actually send signals. The signals, or impulses , have a "normal standard" and if the test shows that the results are not normal... (4 replies)
... Scarletbegonia, :wave: Welcome. Your neurologist's office may have their own attack definition, however, generally when your symptom presented and remained with you for 24 hours or longer, mark that day in your symptom journal. For example, if your symptom appeared on 1 April 2013 and then another symptom appeared on 02 May 2013, this would be a new attack. That is at... (4 replies)
... After reading several posts, I looked up the revised McDonald criteria and I'm confused about what counts as an attack. ... (4 replies)
... on board with this definition. A lesion is a scar. What shows up as a white spot on a MRI is an actual scar where damage has already been done to the myelin sheath. Thus, look at a scar on any part of your skin....does it hurt? ... (6 replies)
... If other causes for pain are eliminated as possibilities, it is quite often the case that a lesion or old lesion can be the cause of pain which can cycle through. ... (6 replies)
... I think that the pain comes when the nerve fiber is exposed. Based upon that idea, the pain could start as the lesion is growing. Pain can also present after healing because we are unable to see the resulting healed area. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for sharing. I do agree that the "normal" ranges are different from country to country. I am in Italy where the acceptable range is higher as well and I still came out in the upper end of normal. ... (23 replies)
... Dear Laura, I intended to mention in my original post (but forgot) that US B12 lab values are not reliable (nor are many other US lab values, such as thyroid levels). This was another point that my German friend made to me when telling me about her story. She said that the Normal range of B12 in the German medical world is much HIGHER than what is used in the United States.... (23 replies)

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