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... :wave: Welcome. Post-LP headaches can often be the result of not lying flat for a sufficient time. 11 Days post and the headache still persists? I would say that you need a "blood patch" at the very least. The nurses orders to lie flat now may be of little help, but it is easier on you to remain flat to minimize the effect of the LP recovery side effects. Ask... (3 replies)
... Ok thanks yes it started about 2 hours post LP it's not as severe as it was but still debilitating , the specialist nurse who performed it has telephoned me a few times and is aware the only advice she says is to lie flat until it subsides . (3 replies)
... reinject into your spine....this means that the spinal fluid has not yet equalized, which also means that you werent flat long enough post LP soon as they do this, the headache will stop IMMEDIATELY! ... (3 replies)

... any advice as nothing is helping ? ... (3 replies)
... and my lymphocytes fell and rose just as they should have. ... (9 replies)
Brain mri results
May 24, 2016
... Good luck Ray. There is nothing to be worried about! MRIs are loud, but they do not hurt in any way....hold very still and try not to sneeze! Moving around can really mess up the pictures! Your doctor will call you when he gets the report. You can ask for copies of the films while you are there (highly suggested), they usually give them to you on a CD, which is fine. Dont... (2 replies)
Brain mri results
May 23, 2016
... Ray, :wave: Welcome. No worries. If you are anxious, let the MRI technicians know. They can work with the radiologist to get you a sedative if needed. As to the images. Again, no worries. You will have a radiologist's report, but what you want is to wait for the opinion of the MS Specialist if MS is a probable cause for your MRI ordered. :angel: (2 replies)
... however he could just as easily be wrong. ... (7 replies)
... this can be caused by many neurological conditions. If this is happening in bed while reading, I would check with your doctor as they may want to adminster some evoked potential tests to make sure nothing else is causing this. ... (7 replies)
... Hello heather4867, Lhermittes sign only happens when you bend you head down, not your body in any way, just your head (chin to chest). Neither of your descriptions fit Lhermittes sign. (7 replies)
... heather4867, Good to hear. Do not be afraid to leave out the details. An MS Specialist can sort things out for you. Lhermitte’s sign is not one of those symptoms which will persist continually, but it still falls into the MS area (as a symptom of MS though not exclusive). Once you get a diagnosis, the list may grow longer. The first few years and then when my MS... (7 replies)
... The electrical shock as you shared sounds like L'hermittes. ... (7 replies)
... was a quirky kind of thing. I have felt it many times over the years, then started to experience it more when I would bend my head down to dry my hair. It wasn't as intense but would get worse as I lifted my head back to a neutral position. ... (7 replies)
... mtoms. While he did his history and physical and asked me questions a ton of symptoms which I had ignored for years came out...and with the clinical presentation as well as the history of issues, my diagnosis was formalized in under 72 hours. ... (3 replies)
... months after normal levels are reached and maintained before recovery can be seen. Recovery time varies from person to person and may be factored as to how long the deficiency existed. Malabsorption of Vitamin D can and does cause many of the deficiency cases. ... (3 replies)
... ALS can be quickly identified as there are tests for it. There are no specific tests for MS. MS has over 400 known mimicries. ... (3 replies)
... Many other conditions, medication side effects and mental health issues can cause the same type of symptoms as MS and will need to be ruled out. Many, but not all, of those other conditions can be ruled out by blood work. ... (3 replies)
... Hello JenniferB91, Your symptoms are indicative of so many things, that depending on what has been ruled out, it's really hard to guess what is going on with you. These do not sound like MS symptoms; as MS is a disorder of the central nervous system, the brain and spine and eyes. Maybe there are more symptoms you didnt mention? Have you had an MRI of the brain? And if... (3 replies)
... h really painful limbs, to the point that standing and walking can be difficult. About two years ago a blood test showed up high CRP but we progressed no further as it was found that I had a problem with my ears that was more important to sort. ... (3 replies)
... A lumbar puncture may be ordered regardless. Please note that the Lumbar Puncture is not a specific test for MS. You might not need one, but it is encouraged as part of the elimination process. ... (7 replies)

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