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Sep 4, 2015
... bad day off of the "new normal". I do not summarily dismiss my long term symptoms, but I do not count them as a "bad day". ... (2 replies)
... sleepiness if he did. I can hardly stay awake as it is, and I was afraid of it affecting my job. He decided to try something different in hopes that it would work without making me any more sleepy than I am. ... (6 replies)
... There are quite a few different medications used for spasticity. Gentle stretching and exercise can be helpful. Working with a Physical Therapist as well as medication can be helpful for spasticity. ... (6 replies)

... esium, you might want to spread the supplements out through the day to allow you to be able to get a constant intake. Magnesium and Calcium are both minerals. As such, you should take these at different times of day as your body may not be able to get both or some of the minerals can also be wasted. ... (6 replies)
... As a possible assist, are your calcium and magnesium as well as your D levels being monitored? ... (6 replies)
... I was on Baclofen and it was working well, until I had been on it about 6 months. Agter that, I began to have spasms as severe or worse than when I was on nothing. My neuro switched me to Zanaflex and the relief was wonderful. ... (6 replies)
... are normal. The statistical significance is so large that the LP is not used as a specific test for MS. It can identify known mimicries. There are doctors who use the LP as a crutch, but they are doing a disservice. ... (6 replies)
... f 1991. I read your post and I can defiantly relate to some of them. I have the Relapsing Remitting form. I also had mono has a child and my handwriting looks as though I should of been a doctor. I prefer to type any correspondence. I am also extremely fearful of heights. ... (6 replies)
... city, and state. As this is the American Academy of Neurology, this database is limited to the US. ... (0 replies)
... and later seizures. While there are statistics as to symptoms, the percentages change as more data is accumulated. ... (6 replies)
... the required tests...the great thing about an MS specialist is that they have seen it all, heard it all, nothing surprises them, and they dont write anything off as being "crazy or unheard of". They will also send you to the correct place once they get a handle on what is going on if it is not MS. ... (6 replies)
... elbow on the writing surface. It's very labor intensive and becomes painful in my hand and arm after a very short time and I frequently end up dropping the pen as it simply flips out of my fingers. It's humiliating all the way around. ... (6 replies)
Help please!
Aug 31, 2015
... Dixze, A study of MRI images found that as many as 25% of MSers may present with lesions only in the spinal cord rather than the brain. While the percentages are much higher for the C-Spine, the 25% figure includes the T and L Spine. The study did not break the percentages down further. It only noted Spine versus Brain. As long as you are seeing an MS Specialist... (8 replies)
Help please!
Aug 31, 2015
... It is impossible to get a MS dx with a normal brain and spine MRI....20% of MSers have normal Spinal Taps (Lumbar Punctures)- A spinal tap is not considered definitive for MS- it is only used to check for similarly presenting conditions and diseases. For instance, PML or Meningitis and a few other brain infections will show up in a Spinal Tap- but with MS, they are looking... (8 replies)
What to expect
Aug 30, 2015
... ormal. Accepting a "new normal" is the best way to help oneself. She needs to be the one to buy the book or share her condition because that is who she is. As she learns to accept her illness, things should change. Until then, you have to just be there. ... (2 replies)
... r the last 10 yrs I have had many medical issues. After a period of rt sided numbness last yr, I was seen by a neuron Dr. She ordered a brain MRI. This came back as MS vs TIA. She chose to treat me for the TIA. ... (5 replies)
Second opinion??
Aug 25, 2015
... bands. I have had 2 LPs 20 years apart and neither LP was positive for me. Some doctors, especially those with little MS experience, rely on the LP as their "crutch". Many MSers have been mistakenly misdiagnosed or go without a diagnosis due to such mistakes. ... (2 replies)
Second opinion??
Aug 25, 2015
... feeling in my feet and between my shoulder blades. I also ached in my arms and legs. He ran a bunch of tests and then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. As the years went by I have been having more and more symptoms. With every new symptom I would google it and most were symptoms of both fibromyalgia and ms. ... (2 replies)
... MS and MG can overlap with some symptoms, such as droopy mouth. BUT droopy mouth and eyelids is not the case for all MG patients or even for all MSers. I get drooping mouth with MS. ... (4 replies)
Electric bicycle
Aug 24, 2015
... Wigglestein, I just read about a new clip on electric motor by "ONwheel". It looked interesting. You might want to look at this option as an alternative for re-purposing your existing bike :) :angel: (8 replies)

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