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... Hi there. I am sorry you are having to deal with your mom going through this. What you are describing is not normal for MS... the fall you talked about may be contributing to some of her symptoms, or it may be possible that the fall was a symptom of something else...a stroke? A heart issue? Was there more done to rule these things out or was the only thing looked at, the fact... (5 replies)
... Thank you for sharing. One of the difficulties may be the fall your mom experienced as concussions can leave long term effects. I am not a doctor. but I think some of her problems stem from the fall. ... (5 replies)
... and the doctors said that she had Concussion and after 3 days she was good and she recovered from it without any surgery, since then she lost the ability to walk as I mentioned. ... (5 replies)

... if found, can cause MS symptoms to present. If your fillings are good, keep them. If they are damaged, composites are a great alternative, but they are not as strong as the silver filling, but they are more natural in appearance. ... (8 replies)
... amalgam fillings were cracked and probably the biggest cause of my problems. I have been symptom free since and am considering getting my 2 root canals removed as well as a precautionary preventative measure. Allergy tests confirmed allergy to some common dental materials. No more amalgam Mercury fillings for me. ... (8 replies)
MS and cold
Oct 29, 2017
... Hi Rem4, What you are experiencing is referred to as a Pseudo-exacerbation, this is not a true exacerbation (relapse, attack, flare-up). Pseudo-exacerbations are a temporary increase in symptoms due to: A virus/cold, the flu, infection or anything that causes your core body temperature to be elevated. Pseudo-exacerbations can also be due to overdoing it. ... (5 replies)
... away a lot. I'm not currently on any medication. I tried copaxone for 4 years. I was allergic to it and had an hour and a half long muscular seizure once a month as the allergen built up. ... (8 replies)
... maneuver that you described that your GP did, and this is simply for ENT reasons, not related at all to MS and should NOT be done to a MS patient, as this is going to cause vertigo if vertigo is one of your symptoms and it sounds like it is. Not every MS patient gets Vertigo. ... (8 replies)
... Unfortunately, if this was due to MS you would not be able to retrain your eyes as there is much more involved including, but not limited to, balance. You have stated your balance is really bad. ... (8 replies)
... ml, which has been on the market since 2015. As patients, who are on this medication and being pressured by the payer and specialty pharmacies to switch, please note you have options. ... (1 replies)
... Sorry for the length. If anyone can help please tell me, but also please be nice. I cry enough as it is. ... (8 replies)
... look at the meds side by side and see which one is the most positive for you in regards to risks and returns. That will allow you to make the best decision. As you go forward, PML risk will play a factor. ... (2 replies)
... And of course there are other risks and side effects as with all of the meds. Then there is the Lemtrada. ... (2 replies)
... You should stop reading about MS as that information, for many, it not true. The disease is very individualized and effects each person differently. ... (3 replies)
... hours a week. I travel both nationally and internationally for work and also work as a college professor. I have gotten 3 college degrees including a Doctoral Degree in Business. I have raised 3 kids who are now in high school and college. ... (3 replies)
... left and right, as it makes no sense to only inject the stomach once in rotation. ... (3 replies)
... As long as you are rotating the injection sites properly- never use the same spot more than once a week and rotate from the left side of your body to the right side- you will be okay. I have some permanent dents and hard areas on the backs of my arms from injecting several years ago...They never went away; however, if I dont 'feel" for them, I dont realize they are there. ... (3 replies)
MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... Feel like shortness of breath but am not short of breath." sounds hormonal. This is what many describe as menopausal symptoms. ... (4 replies)
MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... panic can be the MS link. Anxiety or stress can trigger MS symptoms. You can also have a cascade of reactions as your pain increases. ... (4 replies)
MS related pain?
Sep 4, 2017
... d accompanied by generalized weird feeling. This was happening about a year ago, then gone completely and recently started up again. Leg does not seem to be weak as I can move it and walk ok. Any thoughts? ... (4 replies)

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