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... I asked my doctor about it and he made it seems as if it wasn't a big deal. ... (0 replies)
Toes Curling
Nov 25, 2014
... ainful too. The spasms and toe curling lasted all day yesterday. I also had a few toes flex straight up and cross over each other. I can feel is starting back up as I type. Was really hoping today might be different. ... (13 replies)
Nov 25, 2014
... Zipster, Kim's point has relevance too in as alcohol is a dehydrator and this affect alone can cause migraines and/or muscle cramping if moderation is not followed. My tolerance levels vary like a roller-coaster on most occasions. I cannot depend on amounts of a drink or length of an exercise. For me it is "listening" for the minutest signals and stopping well before I... (5 replies)

... but the downside as you mentioned is enough to make me grateful that I have private insurance in the US. ... (21 replies)
... Just popping back in here to say Happy Birthday Nikki!!! Hope you had a great time celebrating! My (30th!!) birthday was last Tues and it became kind of a birthday week thanks to the mid-week date on which it fell! Lots of people who love me, makes me feel really good :) So as I said Im taking Baclofen now, I'm up to 1/2 pill in a.m., 1/2 pill with lunch, full pill... (21 replies)
Nov 24, 2014
... It could be a bug, at least that is the first thing to check. I have had bouts when certain smells trigger it as well as some foods which I have to give up until the cycle is over. If you are having swallowing issues, these too can be a cause. ... (6 replies)
Toes Curling
Nov 23, 2014
... spine as well? ... (13 replies)
Toes Curling
Nov 23, 2014
... Oops. Forgot something else. I have also been getting chills. At first it started out as a sensation of chills running down my head and spine, like the goose bump feeling. ... (13 replies)
Toes Curling
Nov 23, 2014
... existent. Other things to check would be your calcium and magnesium levels as well as your vitamin D. These can be linked to cramping too. ... (13 replies)
... The fact that a referral to a neurosurgeon has been made would lessen the possibility of MS especially as you have shared that no lesions are present. Without lesions, you would fail to meet the Revised McDonald Criteria. ... (13 replies)
... He then served as Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Care Center at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. ... (13 replies)
... There are actually very few "MS Specialists." The MS Society lists those Neurologists that have MS as one of their areas of practice, not necessarily a MS specialist. ... (13 replies)
... I would not discount your bulging discs as a cause to your Neurological symptoms. ... (13 replies)
... has 2 lesions required for a diagnosis as long as the other criteria are met as well. ... (13 replies)
Nov 22, 2014
... It's not as easy as that here in the uk to just go in and ask for a test for lymes. I did mention it to my neurologist and he said no they don't test for lymes either. ... (9 replies)
... Do you think that with it saying that in the history section, that someone has put that down as a diagnosis...even if its not been offially diagnosed? ... (13 replies)
Nov 22, 2014
... ot the joint itself. If you had arthritis, I would not expect it to basically come and go. You might compare it against the temperature, barometer, and weather as well as other possible trigger events. ... (9 replies)
... ot confirm or deny MS. If you have lesions and your neurologist is not an MS Specialist or lacks sufficient experience, they my have a bias and miss the signs. As you are in the St. Louis area, you should have an MS Specialist in your vicinity. ... (13 replies)
... Two days later I was super dizzy, had a hard time thinking, and noticed that I couldn't lift my toes. As the day persisted, that turned into Ataxic gait. It came on so quickly and I thought I would walk that way forever. Kinda scary. Well it lasted 2 days. ... (13 replies)
... My MS Specialist would have me look at an ENT first and then she would see me afterwards as needed. ... (4 replies)

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