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... sis or evoked potentials to build a picture towards a particular diagnosis but these tests can be normal and thus a doubt can remain. Certainly the fact that the Mri Brain has not shown change over almost 5 years of followup would be against any dynamic or progressive process, at least in that measure". ... (19 replies)
... es 6.6mm, 5mm and 3mm, No MS but all of a sudden a doubt remains even if all the tests trying to build a picture for a diagnosis are normal. That doubt being the lesions on my brain which now is the crux of this. Why does a professor in Asia say the lesions are MS plaques and why here do they say the lesions are not MS plaques. ... (19 replies)
... mm. Following that the next report notes a 5mm as being the largest, and a faint linear 6mm is put in for good measure, because of course I made sure my 2014 Mri was to be compared because they simply avoided this Mri both neurologists and radiologists, so here's the best bit, No change in five years of followup scans. ... (19 replies)

"A doubt remains"
Apr 24, 2017
... sure the lesions are MS plaques and that all my reports and my symptoms also support I am suffering from MS then all of a sudden no MS becomes a doubt can remain. ... (0 replies)
... positive Hoffman's, hyperreflexia, nystagmus. An increase in lesions from six to 19 in twenty two months, stable and no progression. What is all this about, Nothing? ... (4 replies)
... As for the biospsy, I really doubt anyone will do it and as your doctor said " I explained that brain and spinal cord tissue is delicate and vulnerable to injury and is thus protected by the skull and vertebral column. ... (12 replies)
... I'm not getting better this is not a reason to not do a biopsy nor is it a reason they should not consider that these lesions could be the cause. If they don't know they should biopsy them. ... (12 replies)
... I have tried to explain in a previous thread that your brain lesions and your symptoms could be separate. All of the different Drs. you have seen cannot find anything to correlate your symptoms with the brain lesions. ... (12 replies)
... being avoided and I can't be expected to accept that any longer. It's shameful for the consultants to not say what this is knowing full well there were numerous lesions noted on my brain Mri that were not on my 2012 Mri. It's avoidance of this very fact that I'm not accepting especially when I'm so unwell. ... (2 replies)
... I'm not referring to him MSNik, but to all who knew there were changes and said there isn't. That's why I find it all very odd. My new specialist didn't compare my scans, so how does he know there have been no changes? He viewed one Mri. Can you tell me how he can write there has been no change in five years. The radiologist report did say there has been no interval change... (8 replies)
... She has had a number of Mri scans over the last few years. ... (8 replies)
... She has had a number of Mri scans over the last few years. ... (12 replies)
... She has had a number of Mri scans over the last few years. ... (0 replies)
Mar 18, 2017
... You were told your lesions were due to high cholesterol and smoking. Smoking and High Cholesterol can both cause brain lesions. ... (8 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 18, 2017
... The chances are greatest for brain lesions based upon the statistics. There are MSers whose initial lesions are on the lumbar or thoracic spine. ... (6 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 17, 2017
... Thank you for your answer about lesions. Do you think it is rarer to have only brain lesions? ... (6 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 17, 2017
... spine and brain lesions since the first MRI I had in 1982. ... (6 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 17, 2017
... spine lesions then your possibility of a MS diagnosis increases. ... (6 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 17, 2017
... Hello. I have only brain lesions. ... (6 replies)
MRI Question
Mar 16, 2017
... spine which I had on Wednesday. Anyway, I went to my primary doctor and asked them if they knew anything yet about my brain MRI, and he went over the results and said that I needed to see the neurologist NOT his physician assistant. ... (6 replies)

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