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Copper level?
Nov 17, 2014
... ting" phase. I was recently referred to a new neurologist. I saw him this past Friday and really liked him. I have had a lot of test run at this point. Including brain MRI which shows what my doctor called one "MS" lesion and one "ischemic" lesion. I am so confused when it comes to lesions. ... (4 replies)
Need Advice
Nov 2, 2014
... forget about my brain lesions. I came away feeling devastated, neurotic and a fraud. ... (7 replies)
MRI duration
Nov 2, 2014
... your general neuro's specialty is a mixed bag with no MS, medical bias or a "diagnostic blindness" are quite likely to happen. Your GP can order a full set of MRI images and then send those and your medical history to an MS Specialist for a review consult. ... (31 replies)

MRI duration
Nov 2, 2014
... and the lesions which are very small, tend to only show up with the contrast. ... (31 replies)
... Lhermittes is not exclusive to MS as there can be other causes for this symptom. However, when related to MS LHermittes is due to cervical spinal cord lesions. Brain lesions do not cause LHermittes. ... (3 replies)
... (11 replies)
... But I hear it in your posts that you are looking for something from us, which hasnt been revealed by your testing yet. The big answers will come with MRIs of the brain and Spine, with and without contrast. Until you get those results, you cant possibly know if there is any damage to your body caused by Multiple Sclerosis. ... (31 replies)
... ually been on every single DMD available except Gilenya because I have an allergy to a known component in it. Ive been dx now for over ten years. I have over 100 lesions on my brain. Talk about lucky? ... (9 replies)
... Symptoms can be caused by mixed, slowed, or obstructed electrical signals. Because all the information is going to and from your brain, a lesion on the brain could just as likely be the cause. MS Lesions for some people start on their spine. ... (3 replies)
... The best thing to do is get an MRI or a brain scan they can see if there are lesions on your brain that is the best way, Home tests are take a really hot bath if it really messes you up you may have MS , MS sufferers are heat sensative good luck hope its something else (31 replies)
... My new neuro is taking a wait and see approach...he is scheduling an MRI of my cervical spine and then if there are no lesions on that, another brain MRI in about 5 months...if no more lesions then we will monitor the brain MRI every 6 months. I love the new doctor but am concerned about my swallowing. ... (6 replies)
... White matter is a part of the brain. Lesions are actually scars. Lesions can be caused by any number of things, including prior infection, migranes, head trauma...theres a whole list. ... (4 replies)
... My MRI's showed two large lesions. They looked very different and the doctor explained one was typically due to lack of oxygen/blood flow and the other larger lesion was what he referred to as a "MS" lesion. The way he explained it made sense at the time. I was on overload and don't remember the exact explanation. How do I find a MS specialist. The neurologist I see is general... (8 replies)
... spine or brain which would give cause for my severe symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... I have read a lot about the physical aspects. I guess seeing a large lesion in the front of my brain makes me question.....will this effect my cognitive abilities? ... (8 replies)
... spine MRI's. On all reports the radiologist put one diagnosis as MS. Last Monday my neurologist spent a lot of time explaining the MRI results, showing me several different lesions and white spots. On the right side of my brain he explained that this is exactly what a MS lesion looks like. ... (8 replies)
... Hi all. I had a complete spine MRI which showed a lesion on my spinal cord on my neck which is sending abnormal signals to my brain as stated on my MRI results. The report stated that MS can not be ruled out. However I don't have any brain lesions, just a benign tumor. ... (2 replies)
New to ms
Oct 21, 2014
... size for MS. Lesions on the spine quite often affect gait as you have shared. If your doctor based your diagnosis upon the MRI and LP, I would seek another opinion. There is no specific test for MS. Before beginning Tecfidera, were you screened and are you being monitored? ... (3 replies)
New to ms
Oct 21, 2014
... without contrast. On oct 6th I went back to hear my blood work looked good and my brain showed no lesions but "dots" which I assume could turn into lesions. He confirmed that I did have MS. I started tecfidera last Wednesday. ... (3 replies)
... Gait difficulty can be caused by lesions on the spine or even in the brain. ... (3 replies)

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