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No answers.
Mar 24, 2015
... She did every test need eye tests blood spinal tap which showed nothing MRIs of my brain neck and back and nothing showed up only the lesions in my brain that I have had which they say are from migraines. And are in. The wrong spot for MS and the symptoms that I am having. ... (9 replies)
Still undiagnosed
Mar 20, 2015
... Given the amount of time which has passed, if this were MS, you would have or should have had lesions present. What was the direction or preliminary diagnosis of the doctors at the Mayo Clinic? ... (9 replies)
... nt out off the bat is dont assume those "lovely amount of lesions" are actually lesions. Im assuming you didnt go to school for ten years to learn how to read a brain MRI. ... (3 replies)

... as well as 3 additional lesions in the brain. I am told that some of these lesions appear to be "old lesions". The Dr told me that I meet the criteria for a clinical presentation of MS. ... (4 replies)
... The neurologist has ruled out MS. Both brain MRI's were clear. ... (2 replies)
... even after a normal brain MRI.. ... (8 replies)
... CT of brain from May of 2014 , old images, surgery stuff etc. ... (11 replies)
... If you choose to use any type of disease modifying drugs for MS, they are supposed to help reduce the freqency of lesions forming, thus reduce the new symptoms and reduce the potential for progression. This is not an exact science. ... (6 replies)
... I did read that the periventricular areas of the brain is a classic one where lesions appear. I also read up a bit on age related lesions and don't see how any would apply to me. ... (8 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 14, 2015
... I don't think it's MS. This prominent right lenticulostriate perivascular spaces worry me a bit, because there was no mention of this in my September Mri 2014. ... (8 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 14, 2015
... The thing is this prominent right lenticulostriate perivascular spaces were not reported on my September 2014 Mri it may have been there but the radiologist could have not seen it. I don't know if this is of importance or not. ... (8 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 13, 2015
... MRI Brain with Contrast. ... (8 replies)
... Gully, If you trusted the US doctor and you can do that, why not? Whats the harm? Im so sorry that you are going through all this...I wish I could take you by the hand to my own doctor and have you get a good reading and a good exam! As much as I love your country- the healthcare situation would drive me crazy!! Youre so brave. Please know that. I cant imagine how you are... (15 replies)
... This simply means that the contrast showed no active lesions. That is, no lesions "lit up". What was missing from the aforementioned is whether there are inactive lesions existing. ... (15 replies)
MRI Changes
Jan 28, 2015
... Hello MSNik, Thank you for giving me a good wake-up call. I am indeed anxious, because I am not able to function like i used to. I know you guys are not physicians, and I just wanted some feedback on DIS and DIT. I am very glad you personally don't see anything related to MS. I trust you have a good understanding of the Disease, and I appreciate your advice. I will... (12 replies)
MRI Changes
Jan 27, 2015
... What I can tell you is that nothing on your MRI points towards MS specifically and there is not enough there to warrant even hazarding a guess as to what you are going through. ... (12 replies)
MRI Changes
Jan 27, 2015
... I need a little help with understanding changes on Brain MRI if MS is present. I asked for all my previous MRI's and i got them today. ... (12 replies)
MS Without Lesions
Jan 22, 2015
... If you don't mind me asking what lead to your DX? Reason for asking I am in limbo land. You can see my post in another thread. I have been having problems for 7-8 years. In the last 4 months I had clean MRI of brain, c and t spine W & W/O contrast. In addition had a clean LP. My MS specialist highly suspects MS after review of my symptoms I have had and my neuro exam with her.... (5 replies)
Brain MRI results
Jan 13, 2015
... The brain MRI came out fine with no problems. ... (2 replies)
... I am going to throw a something else at you. I was diagnosed shortly before my 40th birthday as well. I had over 50 lesions all on my brain. ... (11 replies)

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