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... Just for an update I did get back from the EMG of my legs and the results came back normal. ... (33 replies)
... MRI of my brain with contrast which came back normal with no tumors or lesions. I then began having symptoms of numbness and cool water droplet sensations in my legs for the next month. I then got saw a neurologist and passed a neuro exam but to be safe he ordered and MRI of my Cervical spine on a 1. ... (33 replies)
... can go up to 7 hours or so before the urgency kicks in. I have periods of pins and needles but manily when I get hot. Muscle twitching seems to be vibrations in legs and feet on occasions. ... (16 replies)

... stabbing that starts in eyebrow and goes to the side of my cheek by my nose, lips going numb and bottom lip will start contracting, weakness in arms, burning on the top of my foot, and extreme pain on the bottoms of my feet, vibration in my abdomen and legs, eye twitching, and some visual disturbances... ... (12 replies)
... s ok or needed help. I avoid stairs! I have noticed that falls at home are more frequent when getting in and out of bed. I think during the day I use my desk and arms on chairs to help me stand up and catch my balance, I also don't have rugs are carpet at the office and don't walk a lot. ... (5 replies)
... I truly appreciate all of the support. I did myself a disservice by stopping Cymbalta because I was fed up with the doctor. Now my pain is back and the electric shocks/aches/burning is debilitating at times. I am going on vacation but will definitely seek out an MS specialist just to get a second opinion. Perhaps, even if they confirm no MS they'll be able to refer me... (11 replies)
... I also have periods of time where I will wake up with both arms tingly, sleeping, pins and needles or just plain heavy feeling. ... (1 replies)
Could this be MS
Apr 11, 2014
... sometimes when something touches me i get a weird sensation in that area. like a burning cold feeling. ... (8 replies)
... spasms all over including legs and arms, my spasms are only in my torso from my chin down to my waist and from right should to left shoulder. ... (6 replies)
... Gosh it is stupidly early in the morning been awake for ages with my feet hurting and hands hurting and some of those horrible burning patches that are just plain nasty, no idea what is wrong with me but needed to have a little moan somewhere, seeing my gp today so I can have a moan to her lol. ... (13 replies)
Possible MS?
Oct 30, 2013
... Quick question I just thought of. So for the last 14 years I have had burning and tingling. First it started on the right side of my back. Years later it had moved to both upper arms. And now it both legs. ... (33 replies)
Possible MS?
Oct 28, 2013
... Also, my "attack" started September 22, I have days were I am better. Like my legs were so weak I could not walk fast. Now they are sore but I am back to my normal pace. ... (33 replies)
Possible MS?
Oct 13, 2013
... Not normal for me. I woke up and my feet where in pain and numb, tingling and burning and weakness in legs, like sea legs feeling. Over the next few days the symptoms remained. ... (33 replies)
Ms symptoms
Sep 28, 2013
... Hello I'm 16 in a few weeks and have been experiencing a. Lot of ms symptoms: Tinging in legs/arms Stabbing pains in face/all over Eye strain/pain Fatigue Vertigo Feeling as though my tongue is restricting my speech Off balance Feelings of numbness but not actually going numb (4 replies)
Ms or what else?
Sep 5, 2013
... Hi Reni. I woke up one morning and my one side of my face was numb and then the numbness progressed to my arms and legs. The first neurologist found weakness in one arm and leg. ... (37 replies)
... Hello, Just a update, the tilt table was some what uncomfortable. My legs became vey heavy and tingling and burning. my feet were numb. I also had a headache and I had this hot sensation around my head and neck. ... (82 replies)
... roblems with heat and on occasion I'd pass out from it. The first time I was in Jr high. However after my daughter was born, I'd notice a lot of pain in my upper arms and legs. I'd be holding her and she would pat me and it hurt! ... (15 replies)
Jul 9, 2013
... Yes, no, and maybe. If you see the complexity of the massive number of neurons in your brain and the miles and miles of nerve fibers, there is just no way to know. For some MSers a single lesion might leave them confined to a wheelchair. You and I could have a lesion in the same basic location on the same nerve and yet how we heal can be completely different. Some people... (6 replies)
Jul 9, 2013
... The nerve pain, burning and tingling, weakness in my legs and arms? ... (6 replies)
... months ago, had a bad back spasm. Felt like a burning bulge. Went away, than a week later I had spasms and fasiculations in other parts of my torso. ... (7 replies)

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