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... Now its a year after all those tests.... I still have twitches all over my body they arent jerking my arms or anything but my muscles sure do twitch... But I just got a new symptom... My right foot burns on the ball of my foot and sometimes my heel. ... (8 replies)
... is this what your feeling in the chest area? ... (4 replies)
... I had a flare up after being pregnant as well. I ended up with Optic Neuritis two months after delivering my daughter, this was in 2006. I hear these flair ups after pregnancy are quite common. ... (15 replies)

... Well, I have yet to be diagnosed. my symptoms, have grown and have become more noticable. It started in my late 20's slurred speach, sometimes the feeling that my tongue was to big for my mouth. ... (11 replies)
Could this be MS?
Jul 28, 2008
... nd it doesn't want to cooperate. I've also been feeling like someone has been poking me with a needle all over my body, arms, legs, neck, everywhere. And I had a burning sensation in the back of my left upper arm. ... (18 replies)
Today's the Day!
Aug 26, 2006
... erous times to have the phones completely removed from our house since I can't get my calls anyway, my kids do this to me constantly. If I'm not standing right in front of them when they answer the phone they tell whoever it is they can't find me. Can't tell you how many important phone calls I've missed because of them! ... (35 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with MS by two neurologists, on April 29 and July 19. MRI shows lesions in brain and spine. Symptoms have been ongoing for about 8 months and include numb, tingling hands, llermites sign and fatigue. ... (4 replies)
Possible MS
May 16, 2005
... Get second opinion! And go to a neurologist who is knowledgeble about MS. Recently I had a teacher who was diagnosed with a stroke a year ago. It was finally determined she has MS. Please let me the status. I have had MS for over 22 years. The biggest drug you will take is between your earlobes. JDC (1 replies)
Possible MS
Oct 25, 2004
... Since early august, I've been experiencing MS symptoms. It started with a burning sensation in my hands and feet followed by increased floater spots in more vision. I get off and on tingling that in my arms and legs, especially when working at my computer. ... (1 replies)
... le before that but that's when I went to the doctor about symptoms. I've always had problems with heat and on occasion I'd pass out from it. The first time I was in Jr high. However after my daughter was born, I'd notice a lot of pain in my upper arms and legs. I'd be holding her and she would pat me and it hurt! ... (15 replies)
... Thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm actually ok with whatever a doc tells me because at least I know how to deal with my issues. First off, I actually live in the state that has not only the highest rate of MS in the US, but my geographical region of the state has the highest rate well. ... (6 replies)
... Echoing and pain in left ear. ... (6 replies)
Pain, etc....
Aug 9, 2009
... Posted this in General as well, wondering if anyone with MS has had similar experiences. ... (19 replies)
... I am having some troubling symptoms since September 2015. It all started with an eye twitch that would not stop. It then progressed to arms twitching, and finally body wide twitching. ... (4 replies)
Please help
Feb 15, 2008
... this comes and goes and a tingling sensation in my arms when I need to wee. ... (3 replies)
MS Symptoms?
Mar 19, 2013
... anxiety. On January 16th i began having this nerve burning sensation on both inner thighs and top of knees. I also had malaise, achey legs, fatigue, and pain in my groin. ... (32 replies)
... the pain gets so bad it feels like it goes all the way into the bone if that makes any sense, and a tingling sensation in my arms, legs, hands and feet. ... (2 replies)
... burning on my arms then the feet and legs. ... (7 replies)
Possible MS?
Jun 9, 2010
... This all started with what I now know is girdle banding sensation. I was on xanax for a while to get through a stressful time in my life and when I went off of it I started experiencing this and then they increased my neurontin and it helped a little. ... (2 replies)
... I was encouraged by those around me to go when they saw daily what was going on, I objected to going because I knew the doctor would tell me it was stress or all in my head.. at anyrate I just wanted to say that as an introduction. ... (11 replies)

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