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Chills in head
Sep 23, 2010
... i have chills on the inside left side of my head sometimes. ... (1 replies)
... nd I do sometimes have trouble explaining my symptoms correctly, which is why I guess the doc looked at me like i was nuts... has anyone ever gotten what is like chills in the head? ... (3 replies)
Chills in head
Sep 24, 2010
... :wave: Welcome. Is this a single symptom? Have you had any other problems? :angel: (1 replies)

... I had chills in my hands and head from January through April. I wore gloves and a sock cap even indoors. They helped me. ... (9 replies)
... ghter was 20 she had a water spot on her brain, the doctors were concerned and put her on steroid IV drip for 5 days, what made her go to the doctor was numbness in her face and on her head, once the spot dried up she was fine. ... (3 replies)
... ust got my mri results back and nuero says everything is fine... wich is what I always hear about all my tests so far!..He did however say there was a small cyst in the center of my brain.. but not to worry its benign and shouldnt cause any problems.. he said no further testing is needed and i should be fine.... Im not fine. ... (3 replies)
... lily, my heart goes to you as i understand how difficult your situation is. i m myself going through this. reading experiences of others, unfortunately, Lupus , MS, SS , Fibro , Thyroid disorders can all have similar symptoms. beside the neurologist, i think you also need seeing a rheumatologist to further investigate for SS or Lupus. (6 replies)
... as tingling running from my left hip and down my leg. after a few hours my outer leg and ankle were tingling and feeling numb. the same sensations then started in my other leg, and then in my arms and hands. when i put my chin down to my chest, my spine would vibrate. ... (6 replies)
... I can sympathize. I get these even during the summer, and the chills are so bad it's like a seizure. ... (8 replies)
... I get weird 'feelings' through my head. Sometimes chills, sometimes tingly feeling. In my case it's the MS. ... (9 replies)
... i don't get that on my head,,, but I get it in my right leg and my butt! ... (7 replies)
... I mean like you know how you get cold chills and then the goosebumps come up. Well I feel that sensation in my head. I have also only had goosebumps raise up in one little spot on my leg with a chilling sensation. ... (7 replies)
... Prior to being dx'd one of the symptoms I experienced was that my body felt as though it was cold on one side(right) and warm on the other(left). That lasted about a week. In fact, my girlfriend coined a term for it: 'Mini-Wheats' :) (You know, the cereal thats frosted only on one side.) We, my girlfriend and I, have decided that one of the ways we will deal with this disease... (7 replies)
... It is important to try to remember everything that has been causing you problems. It makes for a more efficient and productive meeting with your Dr. In 1982 my single symptom was things dropping out of my hands. I was heading for flight school and so the single symptom worried me. ... (7 replies)
Head numbness
Apr 24, 2007
... s syndrome. Now my younger son has moderate Autism and behaves about 4 yrs behind his actual age. So, it's a challenge, but so are most of the things worth doing in life. ... (19 replies)
Need some advice
Oct 5, 2006
... hello everyone, I havent posted here in sometime, because nuero says its not ms, rather migraines and rls.. but i still think something else is going on.. here are my symptoms.... ... (7 replies)
So confused
Jul 22, 2005
... abetic, I just assumed that is why I have these symptoms. I was self diagnosing. It all seemed logical to me. I also forgot to mention that I get like a tingling in my head and sometimes hear in my head the sound like the tv makes when it goes out. Do you know what I mean? ... (6 replies)
... I get a sensation on my head like a foot falling to sleep with numbness. ... (9 replies)
... I get chills. . more intense that the normal ones, sometimes I get good bumps, sometimes no. . sometimes a little numbness on my head. . (9 replies)
... The chills going through my head is a little freaky! I have been getting chills through my whole body a lot lately but a couple of times of a day I get them just in my head...very strange! ... (9 replies)

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