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Anxiety ms worry
Dec 10, 2014
... I have noticed that all the symptoms I have mentioned tend to be worse as the day goes on!! Right my toes are physically twitching so bad I can see them moving! ... (73 replies)
... especially when I'm tired. I repeat words or the beginnings of words, and I have to stop sometimes and recollect my thoughts to get the whole phrase out. This is particularly embarrassing when I am on the phone with customers at my work. ... (15 replies)
MS twitching ??
May 15, 2008
... down my face into my chin and neck. They're like mini firecrackers that light up every once in a while out of the blue, and the mouth just aches in pain. ... (13 replies)

... I had twitching all down the right side of my face from the eye to chin. Is your's on 1 side? ... (18 replies)
Chin twitching
Dec 1, 2007
... I have had the chin twitching for several years now. It is not a constant thing, but it is becoming more frequent. I also have what I calling "pulling" on the inside of my mouth. I mostly affects the right side. ... (3 replies)
... s a throbbing where I feel the stabbing for a second and it goes away for a second, then comes back, and goes away, etc. this can last a few minutes or days and is painful enough to keep me awake or have difficulty concentrating. ... (5 replies)
... lily, my heart goes to you as i understand how difficult your situation is. i m myself going through this. reading experiences of others, unfortunately, Lupus , MS, SS , Fibro , Thyroid disorders can all have similar symptoms. beside the neurologist, i think you also need seeing a rheumatologist to further investigate for SS or Lupus. (6 replies)
... few hours my outer leg and ankle were tingling and feeling numb. the same sensations then started in my other leg, and then in my arms and hands. when i put my chin down to my chest, my spine would vibrate. about a day later, i had weakness in my legs and arms, and it was difficult for me to even walk around. ... (6 replies)
Please help :(
Nov 6, 2010
... ere were a couple of nights where I woke up choking like I was swallowing my tongue. This symptom has seen dissipated but flares up occasionally. This discomfort is primarily on the left hand side of my mouth, jaw and chin. ... (4 replies)
... r than my vertigo that can last several weeks but, have meds for vertigo and nausea whenever I need it. Now several years later I am just discovering that there is no way that an ER Dr. could have just looked at my spinal fluid pressure to rule out MS. ... (3 replies)
... too weak to type it all up. Please give me any thoughts or suggestions as to what it could be. I am praying its not MS, or even Lyme, but I have to know what it is to treat it. ... (12 replies)
Could this be MS?
Jun 10, 2009
... Does it cost money to get a copy of all your films? I had a CT scan, chest x-ray (no entirely sure why for that one) and now the MRI, do I have to pay for these copies? I am looking deeper into certain signs of MS and I am looking into the timing of several of them that I experienced. I remember the moment when I got the pins and needles feeling, it was accompanied with... (42 replies)
... It was when I woke up in January 2007, every part of me shaking, that I decided "Ok, it's time to get answers because this is unreal". ... (3 replies)
... the facial spasms went away. I am still sometimes bothered slightly by twitching in my right eye, but it's not overboard. ... (6 replies)
... I also get the odd full finger twitch .... or maybe it is a spasm? ... (12 replies)
... My symptoms do come and go, but just in intensity. They feel like they are revolving throughout my entire body now. I'd say both hands and my neck and chin have felt some level of numbness, along with weak legs for almost a full week now with no real breaks. ... (11 replies)
... and my nose the most. My lips have spasms as well as the muscle under my bottom lip just before you reach my chin jerks. I have also had burning in my right check. ... (14 replies)
... E as it 'isnt appropriate'. which is true. its not life threatening, i was just scared and frustrated. ... (3 replies)
Dec 5, 2004
... The best advice I can give you is start a daily diary of your symptoms. Word of advice whats going on with your toes and legs has nothing to do with your neck. ... (6 replies)
Apr 29, 2002
... Now it seems that the cramps and the twitching are related and working together. ... (5 replies)

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