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... Thank you for such a quick response - and I am sorry for the confusion - what I meant to say was that the Betaseron injections were resulting in lesions - (not the MS lesions in my head and neck - but site lesions). I used that word because these things were more lesion-like than the lumps and swelling I am experiencing with Copaxon. Again, I so much appreciate your... (3 replies)
... I use the autoinject set on 4 per the Copaxon nurse's evaluation of my entire body. ... (3 replies)
... is copaxon safe to use during pregnancy (4 replies)

... I find this board so helpful. I have been on copaxon for 3 months and have had one relapse since then but am really depression and have bad panic attacks as anyone had this while being on copaxon? ... (2 replies)
Copaxon Users...
Sep 16, 2005
... I'm reading on the MS site trying to decide if a switch to Copaxon is a good idea. So one thing I read is that the amount of Avonex I'm injecting is 30 MCG. ... (6 replies)
... S. Nothing really hit me until I woke up to constant and consistent dizziness. I went to the dr and he said I'm developing a brain stem lesion. I've only been on Copaxon for a month and a half so it wasn't long enough to determine if it was working although I'm having a relapse. ... (7 replies)
... Hello Cheri. My name is Sherry also. I can relate to your story. I have all the symtoms you wrote about in your story except for optic nueritis. Instead, I have iritis. Last month I had a scare that I could have been developing O.N., but it was my irits flaring up, and my age (soon to be 43). I am sorry you havent been able to find a good neurologist yet. I am not a... (3 replies)
Jun 19, 2012
... I have tried rebif , copaxon, avonex and they all cause side effects awell as i hate doing injections. I have my wife do them for me and I still shake out of control around needles...even if I dont look at it. (8 replies)
... I was diagnosed with ms in 2001. Used Betaseron for 6 years until I developed high antibody count making it ineffective. I have been on Copaxon for 3 years with very good results. ... (4 replies)
... Well nurse called today and said that my neuro wants me to completely stop Rebif and try Copaxon. I am not so sure about this....feeling very confused! Any info on the drug would be greatly appreciated. (6 replies)
... Hi name is tom, i'm new to sight, been fighting m.s. for many many years now, it's starting to really get the best of me. had a baclofen pump implanted in my stomache about 5 yrs ago to keep me walking, been on copaxon, then something else forget what it was, now on rebiff with auto injector but i forget to do shots so i've pretty much given up on those, I've been reading some... (2 replies)
... I, too had terrible reactions, such as you describe. 2 years later, I can still see where the last shots were given on my arm. I was taken off of it asap, it sounds like you should, as well. No one should have to tolerate that if there is another option. I am now on avonex and once I learned how to deal with the headaches, I won't fear the shot. Best of luck. PS a MS... (3 replies)
... Poor baby. I feel for you. You sound like you want this to work! I have to share my story with you...when I was first dx with MS, I choose Copaxone as well. I wound up in the hospital. What started out as a site reaction, within a month became an allergic reaction to the drug. I wound up in the hospital and almost died because of anaphalytic (sp?) shock. I stopped breathing.... (3 replies)
Dec 18, 2007
... t hardly explain the difference but it's like before you were dx with Ms,you had energy and think better. Memory is better. The other treatments like betaserone, copaxon and rebif didn't do that. I feel like I have a life now. ... (7 replies)
... Just to add my two cents (as I am ttc right now and have MS). You should go off all medications when trying to conceive. But there are no documented cases of any problems from women who got pregnant and were on their meds (just didn't know yet). Obviously if you are trying to have a baby, you want to make sure there is no chance of anything effecting the development of your... (4 replies)
... Nikki is right..ABSOLUTLY NOT !!!! I was on Avonex and was told to be off any meds for at least 6months before trying for my baby num two. See yr doctor . (4 replies)
... NO, it isnt. Yu need to be off of it at least 6 months before trying. (4 replies)
... Ask your doctor or inquire with the manufacturer. (4 replies)
... Hi! I have been on Avonex since October 2005 and after my Neuro appt today the doctor decided that I need to choose a new treatment due to the number of attacks I have been having..The Avonex didnt seem to slow down the attacks or the number of "spots" showing up on the MRI So....I am not researching Copaxon, Rebit and any advice or opinions would be... (1 replies)
... Beta Seron, Avonex and Copaxon are most effective when taken early in the disease. The longer you wait, the less effective they will be. ... (11 replies)

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