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... hot and cold patches of sensation on skin, sometimes smell of smoke when there is no smoke, aching muscles and neck for no reason, like a carpet burn sensation on the palms of my hands, night sweats, and probably others I'm not thinking of at the moment. ... (1 replies)
... mendrol and prednisone and was diagnosed with ADEM with the possibility of developing MS. ... (4 replies)
... unscathed by relapses that healed...only minor sensory symptoms like numbness and weird, temporary visual quirks. took Avonex for three years but toward the end of those 3 years I had to start shopping around for another med because I started having relapses. ... (5 replies)

My MS Diagnosis
Jul 6, 2008
... years ago in 2002 I went in to see an MD as I had a tingling in my left leg. They did an xray of my spine and couldn't see anything wrong, symptoms went away after a few months that i remember. ... (14 replies)
... there is almost no way to know for initial symtom was complete numbnes in my left hand and left fingers..after a week of it not going away, ruling out a pinched nerve and carpal tunnel, eventually an MRI was ordered, showing over 50 lesions. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all. I'm new to all of this MS stuff...I always thought I had it because of incidents that happened throughout my life and the fact that I have 5 family members that have it... ... (7 replies)
... Ok, this is why I was confused. Because I was thinking that if the left frontal lobe was indeed ON the left side of my body that it would actually control the right side of my body. Therefore, it did not make logical sense that my left sided weakness would be a direct result of a lesion on my left frontal lobe. ... (7 replies)
... Like you, I only have brain lesions. I also have a negative LP. However, I have over 50 brain lesions, allot more than the average person.... ... (8 replies)
... years. My left arm went numb 5 years ago, nobody knows why. I have had migranes most of my life. Last year I had inner ear infections most of the year, and even though the infection is gone, I am still dizzy all the time. I haved episodes of severe bone pain in my legs, along with numbness. ... (6 replies)
Symptoms of MS
Mar 30, 2009
... your symtoms may never go away and remain constant for the rest of your life OR if the nerve isnt damaged too badly, it may regenerate itself and come back. ... (3 replies)
... It is a daunting task to even venture a guess. Considering the sheer number of nerve calls and axioms as well as the fact that we do not know how the body is wired. We know some, but we learn more each year. ... (5 replies)
... information here, but C6 affects the neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, and C7 affects the thyroid gland, bursa in the shoulders, elbows, ulnar nerve . . . and so on down the body. ... (4 replies)
... e very encouraging news today from my doctor. My EP, Spinal MRI and Spinal Tap all came back clear which I am very happy about. However, I do have a very large lesion on the left side of my brain that is too large to be caused by migraines or anything else and may explain the numbness on the right side of my body. ... (2 replies)
... I wrote on this board over a year ago wondering if I had MS. Since then I've had 3 MRI's, 2 EEGs, blood work, and an evoked potential. ... (2 replies)
... fingers, hand, arm, chest, back on the right side of my body. ... (0 replies)
... Can anyone please shed some light on what this means? ... (4 replies)
... MRI in 2011 showed 1 lesion that at the time was suspected to be reduced blood flow and not a lesion at all. MRI was taken due to headaches and trigeminal neuralgia. ... (7 replies)
... spine MRI's. On all reports the radiologist put one diagnosis as MS. Last Monday my neurologist spent a lot of time explaining the MRI results, showing me several different lesions and white spots. ... (8 replies)
... I am a 41 year old, mother of 3. ... (2 replies)
... I am writing this in show of appreciation for all your postings. I was "diagnosed" with MS after a bout of optical neuritis some 12 years ago. ... (5 replies)

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