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MRI Question
May 18, 2018
... Try not to panic! I have new lesions every time I have an MRI, which is yearly...I have over 200 lesions now and I am still independent and working. ... (3 replies)
... what does it mean when you have lesions on the brain from MS (1 replies)
... Thank you Tammy. I hear ya on the Arg...sometimes its difficult finding the answers to all your questions. Lymes Disease. I will have to research that. I don't know much about that one. ... (18 replies)

... No one is talking..arg! I just want to know what else can put lesions on the brain.. ... (18 replies)
... on't know why my dr didn't refer me to one. He saw my concerns and heard my questions but he referred me to nerologyst instead. I should say that I am afraied of the MRI contrast I never had one. What if I develop allergic reaction to it. ... (15 replies)
... Lesions in the brain do not always mean MS. Lesions can come from migrane headaches, prior head trauma and even infections. The size, shape and placement of the lesions is what tells the neurologist if MS should be considered. ... (15 replies)
... MS is a disease of the central nervous system, which is the brain, eyes and spine. Its also an autoimmune disease, which is when the body attacks itself. In this case, the body attacks the protective coating of the nerves of the central nervous system. ... (1 replies)
... Lesions on the brain do not definitively mean MS so it's good your doctor is being thorough. The LP and evoked potential testing is going to tell the doctor a lot. Just remember you don't have to have a positive result on all tests to have a diagnosis of MS. As for the number, I am not sure about that. ... (8 replies)
... Brain lesions can be caused by several things that I know of. Brain truama or small strokes caused by natural causes or drug useage. ... (18 replies)
... with you to a neurologist appointment. One of the key things you want to look for is whether or not the doctor will put them up on the screen and go over them with you. ... (15 replies)
... MS, even if you have it, is a chronic condition, not a life sentence! Most of us live perfectly normal lives with only small blips on the radar with MS. ... (15 replies)
... I hope I won't get a bad news from the neurologist tomorrow. I just can not take any more of the bad news. I am already suffering from anxiety and all these new problems keep adding to my worries. ... (15 replies)
... While all MSers will eventually have lesions, not all lesions are MS related. The fact that you have lesions does not mean that you have MS, BUT the fact that you have lesions narrows the list of possible causes for those lesions. ... (15 replies)
... Lesion load for each person with MS varies, some have a lot and some have very few. Lesion load can decrease, increase or stay the same from one MRI to another. ... (4 replies)
... a lesion is forming, because most of us have had MS for up to 10 years without a single symptom and until we get a symptom, we wouldnt know we had it. Where was the pain when my 50 lesions were forming for the ten years before I had my first MRI? ... (6 replies)
... had a weakness in his arm, and felt very light headed. I took him to the ER. ... (6 replies)
... To be positive for MS are there always lesions on the brain or can you have MS with no lesions? ... (6 replies)
... ead your question and could not believe my eyes. I too have have your unique combination of symptoms, and a few more. Additionally, my MRI showed that I have 9 lesions on the brain. Based on the MRI and some of my symptoms my neurologist is convinced it is MS, though I am not. ... (11 replies)
... IGM antibodies. They all have gone back to normal now. Do you think it is possible to pass through the relapsing remitting stage of MS to the secondary stage which is not inflammatory led? ... (16 replies)
Brain issues
Jan 11, 2008
... Hi, jlbrow. I don't experience this but yes, it definitely is possible that it relates to the location of the lesions on the brain. ... (7 replies)

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