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... This is my first post and I was a little hesitant to write, but I think I've read some great posts and love the support during tough times. ... (9 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 13, 2015
... I have a personal file with all report's, CD's and the various consultants views on my condition. I have been extensively tested for a cause, but all that has shown up so far is moderate cervical stenosis. ... (8 replies)
Reading my own MRI
Feb 11, 2015
... dancing with the kids, chest pain and both hands blue. ... (15 replies)

MS Scare.....
Feb 2, 2015
... Lexapro cannot stir up a MS excaberation. Put that one to rest. MS is a disease of the central nervous system, caused by demylination of the Myelin, the protective coating of the nerves. ... (7 replies)
MS Scare.....
Jan 31, 2015
... Hey guys, ive been trolling this board a little bit. you all have been very gracious giving your opinions and stories to people on here to people like me who are in "limbo land." this is my first post on this board. I was hoping you could lend me some of your advice. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you, Snoopy61 and MSJayhawk. ... (8 replies)
... I'm playing the waiting game and going more than a little stir crazy. About 5 years ago I started having tingling sensations in just my L foot. Over the years the tingling has gotten worse. ... (8 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 13, 2015
... but unfortunately i do not have the CD, but the clinic are going to get a copy of the CD from the hospital where i had it done. The radiologist will view the old MRI to compare them. ... (8 replies)
MRI with Contrast.
Feb 12, 2015
... You need to set aside the images and wait to cover them with your doctor. The report is prepared by a radiologist, but the doctor's reading may vary. Some MRI images can appear normal to one doctor, but in the hands of a specialist there might be a very different reading. ... (8 replies)
... So I have no idea what is going on with my body at this point. I have had MRIS in the past and a questionable stand up mri. ... (33 replies)
... months for some and that the MRI can neither confirm or deny MS. My sister had the cardio tests done by her GP, but it was not noted until an ultrasound. ... (13 replies)
MRI Changes
Feb 3, 2015
... This is just my opinion, but I would run far and fast away from this doctor you saw. Either that, or you arent clear on what she said....just my opinion based on what you wrote. ... (12 replies)
MRI Changes
Feb 3, 2015
... but not as bad as some people. The big question with me is if he does surgery will it make me better, he doesn't know. Only way to find out is to do the surgery and see. He said my reflexes are brisk which suggests the spine. ... (12 replies)
... Got my blood work back concerning my C3 C4 and Myeloperoxidase AB levels which came back normal. ... (33 replies)
... I have mentioned the back problems to the GP. I have had my thyroid checked, its normal. My mpther has hypothyroidism and ITP. Her ITP is in remission, no probs for more than 10 yrs. That was one of my first thoughts as well. I have had 2 ekgs and a stress test. They are normal. ... (13 replies)
... so what you are looking for is an increase of your D level from the last check of your D level. Be prepared that even taking 5000iu it can take a year to a year and a half to get your D level to the level your Dr. wants it to be. ... (29 replies)
... have a clear or normal LP. Mine has always been clear. ... (29 replies)
... the beginning of this year my vitamin d tested at "10". However at the onset of my symptoms, she DID NOT test my vitmain D levels again. She did a blood panel and referee me to a Neurologist. Even after my mentioning to her, could these problems be possibly my vitamin D deficiency. ... (29 replies)
... You cannot diagnos MS from a LP. ... (29 replies)
... Thank you Jayhawk for the reply. I have been seeing a nuerologist that specializes in MS and Parkinsons, my Physician referred me to him after onset of symptoms. ... (29 replies)

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