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Possible MS
May 4, 2016
... The girdling sensation for MSers I call the MS Hug. You can read about the MS Hug online. I do experience the MS Hug, though it is just a nuisance to me. That is, I relegate it to a minor annoyance. ... (20 replies)
... Acute MS pain. These come on suddenly and may go away suddenly. They are often intense but can be brief in duration. ... (7 replies)
... Is MS complex? ... (6 replies)

... MSJayhawk, thank you once again. Are there any medical tests i should be aware of -specific bloodwork,EMG?,etc? as i mentioned i already have head, cervical and thoracic mri's. (14 replies)
... Hi Poopie (sounds like you have been talking to my granddaughter, LOL). I too experience this sensation of 'hugging' around my torso. It feels like I have on jeans that are 3 times too small. My Neuro calls this girdling. Sometimes its so bad it takes my breath away. I have been prescribed Neurontin and it has helped alot. (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed 8 months ago and still have not had any relief from my syptoms. First symptoms were numbiness on whole right side of body. now i have girdling around my waist, pain in all limbs, severe vertigo and now I was diagnosed from a neuro-opthomologist of having retininal migraines which caused total blindness in my left eye for a few hours accompanied with severe... (1 replies)
Ms Hug
Jan 27, 2005
... I've also heard the painful girdling called "Dysesthesia. ... (5 replies)
Ms Hug
Jan 23, 2005
... sometimes called girdling, like an old fashioned bodice girdle has been cinched up too tightly. When the hug happens it can hurt to breath deeply. Like any other MS symptom, there is variation in degree of intensity and exact location. ... (5 replies)
... The 'hug' is a girdling sensation or like you have a tight rubber band going around you. It can make you feel as if you have something very heavy on you and can't breath. ... (2 replies)
... What your describing sounds like the MS "Hug. ... (4 replies)
... and other sx continue. These are also sx of Fibro. I will continue to seek answers as my MRI did show lesions even though they were not classified as typical MS lesions and deemed "normal". I realize I've got a lot of testing to go as I've only had one MRI of the brain, so onward I will go. ... (4 replies)
I'm not nuts!
Mar 14, 2005
... My daughter gets a squeezing sensation around her chest sometimes. It's called the MS hug or girdling. When that happens she can't take deep breaths. I'm not sure if that's what you are describing. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Natatude, Sorry to hear of your worsening MS. I don't have it myself, but my daughter does. She is on her 4th day of IV solumedrol today. This is about her 6th treatment. What she has found is that the steroids don't really help with sensory problems like numbness and tingling. What they have helped her with is optic neuritis, girdling, paralysis, extremem fatigue and... (12 replies)
... My daughter has MS and has the same problem - it's called girdling. It's just another symptom of MS, just like the numbness and tingling in the limbs. When it gets really bad she uses steroids and it starts fading away...until the next time:( Best wishes, Juie (15 replies)
Chest pain
Dec 26, 2003
... YBE or like you say probable. I have insurance now that will NOT pay for an MRI or Pet scan so..who knows. I have all the syptoms and more. I have never heard or girdling though, does it mean pain in the chest area or what? ... (5 replies)
Chest pain
Dec 19, 2003
... I have found that there are many, many people with ms complaining of the same feeling, pain, and many who have even been diagnosed with cosochondritis and they all have ms. I think there could be a connection. ... (5 replies)

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