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... ng your pain, start with your neuro and from there ask him where he would recommend you explore. Your Neuro has to be kind of like your main doctor when you have MS as only they will know what "normal " and what isnt with relation to your MS. ... (4 replies)
Ms or migraine
Sep 22, 2015
... If you have MS, though the GP knows you, your anxiety tolerances can change. That is, you could present with symptoms caused by anxiety and it would or could be MS caused as the root factor. ... (29 replies)
Ms or migraine
Sep 17, 2015
... can last for nearly 10 months. I think i Will ask the neurologists at my next appointment if he thinks it's ms and see how I get on with the evoked testing in February. I'll keep doing my diary and at least I will have all the info with me. ... (29 replies)

Ms or migraine
Sep 17, 2015
... one of his specialties is MS...." Most MS Specialists are strictly busy with MS. My MS Specialist will assist ALS when thee is a busy ALS clinic, but she is busy with MSers almost always. ... (29 replies)
... you might want to run away and find someone more competent. MS specialists do not even look at the radiologists reports, as they are highly trained to read their own films. ... (8 replies)
... There are no tests which can eliminate MS or identify MS. ... (8 replies)
... Specifically in relation to MS and testing? ... (5 replies)
... Anxiety is a major MS mimicry and uncontrolled it can debilitate like MS. Some of your issues could be due to your job. ... (25 replies)
... spine. The MRI results should be read by the MS Specialist. ... (8 replies)
Help please!
Aug 31, 2015
... of MSers who present initially without lesions. ... (8 replies)
... region is felt to be related to T2 shine through. There are several areas of hyperintense abnormal T2 signal noted. There are a couple of small periventricular lesions in the right posterior frontal white matter. ... (12 replies)
Could it be MS?
Jul 18, 2015
... Have you had any blood tests to rule out a vitamin or mineral deficiency. MS has many mimicries including Vitamin D and B12 deficiencies. Our youngest son was quite large and it took my wife 2 years to fully recover. ... (7 replies)
... The better the MRI technology the less likely things will be missed. An open MRI would be the only problem. Your MS Specialist is more important than the MRI type. I was diagnosed on a very early MRI machine in 1982. ... (9 replies)
... of MS, you have to meet the criteria of the Revised McDonald Criteria. Thought your various problems have been ongoing for 10 years, you may be experiencing an MS Mimicry or may have just recently started developing MS symptoms. Your doctor's statement on the LP being the definitive test is wrong. ... (5 replies)
Second opinion??
Aug 25, 2015
... A spinal tap and the rest of your tests are not specific tests for MS. I do not think your neurologist is an MS Specialist. An MS diagnosis is made through the elimination of known MS mimicries. ... (2 replies)
Second opinion??
Aug 25, 2015
... He said the lesions could be from migraines or head trauma. I don't have either. It is hard to ignore the foot drop. I am tripping all the time now. ... (2 replies)
Checking In Again
Jul 30, 2015
... As a side note, your divorce ranks fairly high on stress events within our lives. Stress can cause MS symptoms to present and could be linked towards your newest lesions. ... (10 replies)
So scared
Jul 26, 2015
... ctor may see you as progressive, but most are initially diagnosed as RRMS until sufficient observation changes the type. Your RRMS years may have already passed without a diagnosis. ... (14 replies)
So scared
Jul 26, 2015
... I've two weeks to wait to see a Neuro..... I've had all these MS symptoms for over 10yrs. Tingling in finger tips constantly, I mean not one day without this sentsation for over 10yrs. Lethargic constantly for over 10yrs. Strain in my neck since then also ...... ... (14 replies)
Abnormal EMG
Jul 18, 2015
... I have an MRI with multiple lesions that the doc says "are in the right place for MS", an LP that was normal with the exception of very low fluid pressure, normal labs except an elevated sed rate. ... (8 replies)

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