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... I was wondering if anyone else has muscle tightness in legs. It feels like my legs are tense like when you exercise but they're not flexed. It's also effecting my feet. It's worse at night but has been constant for about a week. ... (8 replies)
... I have muscle tightness in my legs and in my lower back. After standing all day at work it is worse. On the weekends if I sit around all day with my legs up they don't have this feeling. I wish that I didn't have to work so that I could rest more and not have this feeling. ... (8 replies)
... Your Doctor can give you medicine to help tightness in legs.I take Baclofen. ... (8 replies)

... d I'm going to see her friday. She said there is meds she can give me. I had such a bad day and night. I wanted to cry when I went grocery shopping because my legs were so tight and painful. And I kept waking up because I was so uncomfortable. Streching helps a smidge. I just want to be healthy again. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. It's hard to know what might be MS symptoms. I let my neuro know since she requested I tell her new major symptoms. In the whole scheme of things I know it's not magor but it's a pretty big deal to me right now. I'll try stretching to see if it helps. Thanks again. ... (8 replies)
... I have tightness on soles of my feet - like a tight band going from toes to heel. It's a weird feeling. (8 replies)
... I get the same feeling you'd get if you had exercise agressively and worked the muscle too hard. ... (8 replies)
... I have tighteness and pain in my feet, like I have walked too much.... ... (8 replies)
... If so, heaviness in legs is a common issue...probably alot of people have it. It can be caused by muscle spasms or tightness. Stretching will help will water exercise, swimming, treading water and water aerobics. But stretching helps me the most. ... (9 replies)
... they are not finding any specific symptoms of ms. they dont think the vertigo is related. she has numbness in her arms but she also has carpel tunnel. she is always tired and wore out. ... (11 replies)
... This has been an on going symptom of my MS.I take a combination of baclofen and zanaflex which seems to help.Lite stretching several times a day can help. (8 replies)
Reading my own MRI
Feb 11, 2015
... It progressed over months up to just below the knee, and started in my hands. ... (15 replies)
... I've noticed one thing, even years before I was diagnosed with MS, that especially in my legs/hamstrings, my muscles were always tight. It feels like I'm tensed all the time, but I cannot relax my body when I'm relaxing lol. Reason I made this post was I noticed today that my face muscles was real tense, and it hurt trying to relax. Weird feeling, but the tenseness is now gone. (2 replies)
... Echoing and pain in left ear. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm actually ok with whatever a doc tells me because at least I know how to deal with my issues. First off, I actually live in the state that has not only the highest rate of MS in the US, but my geographical region of the state has the highest rate well. ... (6 replies)
... Hi there. I would like to say that muscle tightness doesnt usually get associated with MS, but id probably be wrong. Someone here will claim that it does affect them. ... (8 replies)
... Also, has anyone ever had what I think is 5th nerve involvement. Major pain in the face, jaw, ear, teeth, down the neck. This and the horrible shin and muscle tightness in my legs are a problem for me right now. ... (5 replies)
... tingling in both arms hands, heavy warmth feeling and i have felt burning sensation in right arm too. ... (4 replies)
... I have head head tics, which just come and go! Horrible swollen lymphnodes behind my ears and in my neck that stay for months and then turn into these hard like nots along my veins! ... (32 replies)
... I have not had sx as long, only 7 mo but MS so far is the only thing to match my what I have going on. I also have all negative tests, what can I say, I always did hate to fail a test. :D lol My symptoms include -- numbness, tingling (left sided) weakness (left sided, arm, leg, face moving to left leg) muscle tightness (mainly legs) burning in legs (controlled by... (5 replies)

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