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... David, what your neuro said is correct. You have a spinal lesion in exactly the same spot as me, and to be honest, it's not a good spot to have one. :( When it comes to the spine, and depending on HOW MUCH inflammation we have, we CAN be affected from that point down in our bodies. In the C-spine, the areas that will be affected are as follows: "C1: blood supply to... (24 replies)
... lot more blurry than usual when they are numb.... and the numbness over your spine in the top center, I have that exactly to and I would ask my husband if he was numb there because you start to think it must me normal because you have so much happening to you.... ... (18 replies)
... the actual ear and ear canal and my hearing became muffled in it. i have constant numb spots on my upper back right over the spine that's about 3.5 inches in diameter and the left heel right as it starts to go to the arch. ... (18 replies)

... I have had parts of my face go numb. ... (18 replies)
... I was just wanting to see if anyone in any stage of this disease had tingling in the face, lips, forehead..... and eyes that felt numb and when the numb eyes happened your vision got really blurry? ... (18 replies)
First symptoms
Oct 22, 2016
... een symptoms. i appreciate you taking the time to write all of that which is very helpful to myself and no doubt lots of other people. I'm very sorry you have to face this and very sorry for your brother too with his ON. ... (7 replies)
First symptoms
Oct 22, 2016
... Hi there. You asked "if I touch my face it's not truly numb yet it feels numb when I don't touch it and there is less sensation on touching with fingers than the other side. ... (7 replies)
Could this be MS?
Jul 17, 2016
... OLE body after waking up now. In addition, I also have a constant sore neck ache mostly on my right side as well. I am also experiencing pins and needles in my face and body from time to time now. I told my GP about this and she thinks it's how I sleep...but it's been 6 months and no resolution. ... (13 replies)
... sometimes I have severe stinging in my eyes together with this. ... (25 replies)
... k at stuff and what I see shrinks and expands, its really quick and last a few seconds. Also I am getting "blinder" black fields of vision in my peripheral. Also eyes hurt and burn. Increased floaters...they are so bad.... ... (11 replies)
... k at stuff and what I see shrinks and expands, its really quick and last a few seconds. Also I am getting "blinder" black fields of vision in my peripheral. Also eyes hurt and burn. Increased floaters...they are so bad.... ... (11 replies)
... 6 years ago I started having 3-5 second blindness in both eyes. then 3 years ago I had complete paralysis in rt leg, no reflex in that leg. Walked with cane 4 days. Since then and in between I have had trouble swallowing ( the muscles in my throat don't respond at all for a few minutes) Almost blindness or darkening of vision cramps in my arms and legs tingling in my... (7 replies)
... Prior to this present group of "symptoms" I also remember having a small area of numb in my back. And I had times when I felt there was something on my eye that I would have to blink away. ... (16 replies)
Could this be MS
Apr 11, 2014
... feels like me eyes go crossword. ... (8 replies)
Anxiety? Hopefully
Aug 23, 2013
... About three and a half years ago our family went through an extremely stressful period. During which I started to experience numbness and tingling on my face and legs. My eyes felt funny and I had electric sensation in my legs. I went to the ER when I noticed that one pupil was larger than the other. ... (10 replies)
... of vision, though, although I do get peripheral trails sometimes, like I'm seeing something move out of the corner of my eye that is never there when I look. My eyes are also very sensitive, and they burn a lot. ... (15 replies)
... don't know what the heck is going on with me. Here is a little run down of what I've been dealing with. In the past, for years, Off and on I would get tingling, numb sensation in my hand and fingers at different times. ... (4 replies)
... pat me and it hurt! I know I had other symptoms to warrant my doctors concerned for MS, Myasthenia Gravis and Fibromyalgia, but the only one I can remember is my eyes would get lazy, like I had to hold them open. He did the pressure point check and I had none. I had the MRI and it was clean with and without contrast. ... (15 replies)
... lily, my heart goes to you as i understand how difficult your situation is. i m myself going through this. reading experiences of others, unfortunately, Lupus , MS, SS , Fibro , Thyroid disorders can all have similar symptoms. beside the neurologist, i think you also need seeing a rheumatologist to further investigate for SS or Lupus. (6 replies)
... s holding something. my arm and hand movements weren't smooth, and i had almost no fine motor coordination. by now, there were areas on my lower legs that were numb to the touch. these acute symptoms lasted about three weeks and then they gradually subsided. ... (6 replies)

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