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... never had this before i have an appointment to see my gp but am a little nervous about this. but i also get these sensations during the day not just at night!! it isnt at a stage where it stops me doing my job or anything but i am a little nervous as to what may be given as a diagnosis. ... (23 replies)
... I think numbing is fairly normal for MSers. The first post mentioned numbness to pain, like your knees falling alseep and actually hurting. ... (23 replies)
... Wow you guys. I have the numbness when I sleep as well. ... (23 replies)

... I have muscle stiffness too, specially in the neck and in the back and I feel's like my skin is cold but then during my sleep I sweat a lot too!!!! I go to see a chiropractor once a week. ... (23 replies)
... shellymay, It is nice talking to you too. My daughter, Megan, is 13. She is my only child and at the age where I am scared to death. :eek: She is heading to high school which makes me stressed -- not helping my symptoms at all. LOL I too have always been cold natured. I am the person that had a blanket on the bed all year long. My husband of three years almost... (23 replies)
... susanna1979,, This is driving me crazy. I feel like I am plugged in. In the past few days, I haven't had much numbness. Now it is mucle tightness and this vibrating that is getting on my nerves. I am so sick of this body of mine. I know that it is a blessing to have this body that basically operates right. I am just so frustrated. I am so fatigued, too. I just want... (23 replies)
... I have the same symptoms....I get numb during my numb that I don't want to sleep anymore...and i have an internal vibration that doesn't go away!!! my hands get cold too!!! i had a MRI in my brain that was normal.. ... (23 replies)
... I am glad you are having a low day, I am too. I have a little numbness in my laft hand but no jerks today. so far... Have you went to another neuro yet? ... (23 replies)
... I don't have any numbness today. ... (23 replies)
... g since sept. My problem is is that I had been prescribed meds for anxiety in the past. SO, now it's all anxiety and no one except my GP takes me serious. I have numbness almost everyday. Escpecially at night. My MRI was clear too. They did a spinal tap and only found that my WBC was elevated but can't tell me what that means. ... (23 replies)
... who had Lupus. During the two years I was seeing him, the Lupus test results were always negative. ... (23 replies)
... ad become so numb that I was in pain. It is like the same feeling you would get it if you were sitting or your feet to kneel for a long time. I am very I don't sleep on my hands, occassionally on an arm but I am quick to turn over since the numbness kicks in pretty quickly. ... (23 replies)
... Does anyone feel numb when they wake up in the morning? A few times I've woken up numb and paralysed. Is this an MS symptom? My doc thinks it maybe narcolepsy? I haven't got a dx yet. I have a whole host of symptoms (which I won't bore you with now) I also get the sudden hot flushes too, that were spoken about earlier- my partner teases me that I'm going through an 'early... (23 replies)
... Blessed4Life, Raising children is soooo scary isn't it? But you are right trust them and the Lord and you can't go wrong. If you instill goodness into your children you might think that they are not listening but they really are. What we have instilled in them, they do use when it is needed. It surprises the heck out of me sometimes. As far as our symptoms it's... (23 replies)
... Hi Michelle, You need to get a good Neuro who will get all the right tests you need, MRI, EMG. Visuel evoke Potentials and lastly a lumbar poke to examine your cerebal fluid. I know it's really easy to self diagnose yourself with all the info on the web. But your problems sounds to me like carpel tunnel syndrome and maybe a pinched nerve or two in your lumbar spine.... (23 replies)
... Michelle, I am very excited about Meg's independce but I am also very scared because of it. I trust she will make the right decisions most of the time. I just fear those few but definite times when she will not. I pray that they are not life changing choices. I guess I know that I just have to trust her and God. :) It is funny how siblings can be so different. I'm... (23 replies)
... Michelle Be thankful that your daughter IS ms. independent. That's wonderful because she won't depend on anyone and will know that she can do it herself. My oldest is not independent but my younger daughter is. Isn't it funny how they can be totally different. I would feel better about my 18 year old if she was more independent. I worry because she is sooo nieve. ... (23 replies)
... Michelle I'm having a pretty good day so far (it's 8:46am ;) ) Anyway, I am already dreading the day Meg will get behind the wheel. She is a little miss independent (thanks to me) so she will definitely have the confidence of a trucker with 20 years experience. A teenager with that attitude is dangerous! :eek: I don't have Raynauds, at least I don't think I do. ... (23 replies)
... Michelle, I know where you are coming from with your daughter. Just wait till she starts driving. That's when the stress really kicks in. My heat is set on 67 also. Like you, I still get cold but my tolerance is a lot higher also. I'm kind of weird though. I have Raynauds disease in my feet and hands so they stay cold but my body is hot. If that makes sense. ... (23 replies)
... Blessed4Life, I love it!!! You had me laughing sooooo hard everyone came out of their rooms to find out what I was laughing at. "Special place" that is toooo cute!! I don't think that we are going through the change, I just think it is another symptom of MS. I am 37 and usually you follow in your mother's footsteps and my mother didn't start having symptoms of the... (23 replies)

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