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... no one who has ALS isnt aware of it to the point where seeing a physician wouldnt end you up with significant testing and there is a test for ALS. Obviously, your doctor didnt see the need. ... (18 replies)
... Anxiety and stress can be a formidable foe when unrestrained. A wasting muscle would, I think, be indicative of another problem. ALS has a specific test. ... (18 replies)
... Hi everyone, 29 year old male who has been having some very weird symptoms the last several months. I've been in pretty good health most of my life, so I'm scared that my good luck may be running out. ... (18 replies)

... Hi. You are allowed to rant and rave here, its a safe place to do so....but I have to say, no, none of this sounds like MS. And certainly not ALS. ... (33 replies)
... I continue to have "symptoms" of something, still currently undiagnosed. ... (33 replies)
... you probably know nothing about MS and hadnt bothered to learn about it.....its more shocking when you dont have any time to digest this.. ... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone. Not sure where to start.and I know this is a ton of info but I need help..I'm experiencing a plethora of symptoms and at this point scared and fed up. I've talked to my doctor about ever symptom except this last one because its the weekend and he's not been any help what so ever. Here goes. ... (8 replies)
... You need to rethink what MS is... ... (161 replies)
... and then progressed until the entire right side of my body went numb. I saw my MD and he did suggest MS immediately. However he wantes to rule out anxiety first and put me on xanax. I have been on xanax only at night now for about 2 weeks and still have pins and needles in random areas. ... (4 replies)
... I caught up on all your posts...I dont think its TM would have a different sort of pain. I do think that it could be anxiety which is making you hyper aware of what is going on.... ... (161 replies)
... months to really know if this is the cause of your problems. I would encourage you to maintain a symptom journal during your wait and to try to avoid stress and anxiety which can add to MS like problems. During your wait, if some new symptom presents, let the neuro know and perhaps another MRI will be ordered. ... (33 replies)
Apr 3, 2013
... those are NOT MS related issues.... ... (24 replies)
Apr 3, 2013
... Weight loss is NOT a MS thing...nor is loose stools....the pain you are describing, isnt either... it sounds like a pulled muscle, or pinched nerve. ... (24 replies)
Apr 1, 2013
... each have their own drugs which help. There are drugs, used for narcolepsy, which are used for MS fatigue. ... (24 replies)
Apr 1, 2013
... you are not alone in your feelings. I can well empathize. For me, it was a relief to learn my diagnosis. Some of your symptoms might be emanating from your fears. That is, anxiety can mimic MS. I can only encourage you to find a way to lay aside your fears. ... (24 replies)
... the symptoms you describe can JUST as easily be caused by a vitamin D deficiency or a pinched nerve, as they could be from MS....and there are hundreds of other diseases which could also be the problem. ... (2 replies)
... life. Worrying about things that havent happened yet, making yourself sick over "what ifs" and spending energy thinking about negative things which are truly out of your control, isnt healthy. ... (8 replies)
... Welcome to healthboards! Im also glad you found us..but I do want to reassure you, none of what you are describing is really a MS symptom. ... (8 replies)
... ught maybe I could get some real person input rather than continually searching symptoms on different websites. I am 32 years old and female. Just this week, out of nowhere, I had some chest and back pain when I stood up, it hurt when I would inhale deeply or bend forward and lasted for about 12 hours. ... (39 replies)
MS Symptoms ?
Dec 1, 2012
... A quick question . There doing a EMG wednesday and it says EMG-LCN . What does that mean ? Also she said she was going to do my legs . But didn't mention the arms . Now if im only say having problems with the left arm , should she be including that or does it not matter ? (28 replies)

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