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... everal reason being sometimes i feel im crazy and if i think that whos to say whom i share it with wont think so. but to get some background i've had sciatica for over 3 yrs now keep in mind my medical sux and always has so i've never had treatment or even figured what causes it. ... (4 replies)
... at is interesting about the VEP. I haven't heard of that test before. I will do some looking on it later today. I know that my doctor mentioned that besides MRIs MS testing involves spinal taps. When do doctors decide to do the spinal tap? ... (11 replies)
... ould come on gradually, go away and then come back. I am a 19 year old female and a sophomore in college in the northern part of the US which puts me at risk for MS already. MS doesn't run in my family but I also am aware that MS doesn't discriminate and people can still get it regardless. ... (11 replies)

... It all started last August with a severe sciatica caused by a large herniated disc on the lower back. In January my legs started to weaken with muscle atrophy. ... (3 replies)
... If it is MS which most likely it is there is nothing I can do to change that. I am accepting not feeling my feet as the new norm. I try not to panic at any new symptom. ... (23 replies)
... You might want to check with your doctor concerning the possiblity that this is diabetic related, if not , it could be MS related. ... (23 replies)
... esterday was when I started feeling a bit of pain in the back and side of my leg similar to the sciatic pain I had endured in the left leg for years. I had awful sciatica in that leg that would make me cry because it was so painful. That improved with the weight loss also. ... (23 replies)
... id it still was not clear but he knows it's not a tumor or cancer but seemed like something to do with the myelin sheath. He did a spinal tap which did not shout MS according to him. I did an MRI of the brain which he said was abnormal in that they went to look for MS but saw something else that was really not of concern. ... (23 replies)
... I have a cousin who went through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He took about 10 years to "recover" and is now back in the game of life. Due to my MS, he went to an MS specialist who determined that he had CFS and not MS. ... (7 replies)
... nflamation of the joints sometimes after physical exercise. I cannot stand in one position too long or my muscles get weak and achy and I will most likely suffer sciatica down my hip, butt and leg. I have Scheurmanns disease and a slight scoliosis. ... (7 replies)
... MS can bring pain or numbness. It really varies from one MSer to another. For me, my sciatica extends downward through my left thigh. ... (5 replies)
... so sorry to hear you have so much pain from sciatica it must be terrible for you i had no pain just numbness in leg and foot which has now moved into both feet but that has caused my doc to now rule out that condition says now i dont have sciatica but he doing tests to find out i will stay strong till i see neuro and find out what is wrong i think its its just anxious from... (5 replies)
... I experience sciatica due to my MS. My only relief has been a heating pad. My neuro had me use cold compresses, but the did nothing for me. ... (5 replies)
... thank you for your reply i was cutting down on food but not so much as to lose weight every week since these problems started my doc is arranging an appt with neuroligist and has did bloods which im waiting for results as i said i have been treated for the last 6 mths for sciatica and trapped nerves but now my doc has said its not this and is starting to investigate but wont... (5 replies)
... hi for about 6mths now i have had numbness in my toes and top of foot but now it has spread to both my feet terrible cramp pains in bed each night i feel really off balance as if im drunk when i walk i have had a cortisone injection in my shoulder for a trapped nerve 2 months ago could this be a sypptom i had 2 mimi strokes almost 2yrs ago which my gp says now might not have... (5 replies)
... l my symptoms could be something else but my 'sciatica' is constant, never ending and i have done nothing but rest and it is still here 6 months later. I do have sciatica but its definitely not what is causing me the problems at the moment. ... (13 replies)
... As to the lumbar scan, I would suspect that it was a matter of your discs rather than MS as I do not recall lesions found that far "south". If something makes you question a procedure, always ask. ... (13 replies)
... I cant remember what sciatica pain feels like now. Hip, shin and ankle sharp pain is what i have. This week i have really suffered. Its been about 30 degrees here. Very muggy, YUK! ... (13 replies)
... When my MS worsened considerably in 2002, the doctors ran me through the MRI with and without contrast from my brain through my cervical spine. ... (13 replies)
... My sciatica feels completely different. No more dull aching down the back of the thigh etc, its hip and ankle that is the worst. ... (13 replies)

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