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... where on the xray did it show inflammation your chest? ... (3 replies)
... I have a high sed rate elevated crp and just recently they did a chest exray and it showed some inflammation. I don't know if it is MS or scarcodosis. ... (3 replies)
... april, remember that there is usually inflammation when MS symptoms present itself (when you're having an attack or exacerbation) but it's not necessarily chronic. That why I wrote that just having elevated levels won't necessarily be a marker for a specific condition, but tell your doctor that something is happening. I'm not positive but I would think that in things like... (5 replies)

... Both of these will be elevated in the presence of infection or inflammation so they support evidence that something is happening in your body but unto themselves, do not act as definite markers for a specific condition. ... (5 replies)
... Here were the results from the test the Rheumatologist ran in April (in the midst of my flare): Sjogren's Anti-SS-A: <0.2 Sjogren's Anti-SS-B: <0.2 CCP Antibodies IgG/IgA: 12 Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor RA Latex Turbid: 6.2 (10 replies)
... My thoughts (for what they are worth) is that you have a great many symptoms suggestive of lupus or possibly mixed connective tissue disease, which is lupus plus 1 or more other autoimmune disorders. Do you have any previous results on ANA, like how high titer was and what pattern? How about sed rate, CRP (inflammation), anti-Scl-70 (scleroderma), anti dsDNA, anti-Smith... (10 replies)
... it isn't classic. Lupus can cause memory issues, fever, fatigue, tachycardia, cough, dizziness, shortness of breath, basically every symptom you have, inc. high sed rate and CRP. A rheum usually does the workup for it but your PCP or neuro could at least order an ANA blood test, which might be a start. ... (13 replies)
... Yes, there was the indication of inflammation from the SED rate and the CRP, but nothing that really pinpointed where or what kind of infection it was. ... (13 replies)
... Crd2000, Sed Rate and CRP are tests that tell us that there is some inflammation in the body - but do not give any further information. They can only point the way. if there was inflammation. If you had a bacterial infection, a blood test should have been able to identify your bacteria and a proper anti-biotic could be administered. your doctor appears to have wielded... (13 replies)
... ut this early on tests can be negative, so they should run all the supporting tests to pick up any clues that might be present, like CBC, urine, chemistry panel, sed rate and CRP for inflammation, and the ANA test. If it is negative and your symptoms persist, I would ask to have it repeated every 6 months or so. ... (6 replies)
... when it could be MS. I've had SED rates checked, ANA, other inflammation markers, TSH, and even brain MRI's to look for lesions. ... (2 replies)
... was a waste of time, after several months all he wanted to treat me for was Osteoarthritis nothing more. He kept saying I did not have any inflammation, but my Sed Rate remains high and CK elevated. ... (10 replies)
... Nothing MS related would show up on an MRI would possibly indicate the lesions which accompany MS- but not 100% of the time...and not all lesions are MS... but an Xray is never used to diagnos MS, and there is absolutely no reason to suspect MS- unless you have all the classic symtoms? (3 replies)
... LP results? Evoked Potential Test results? Nerve Conductivity test results? MRI w/wo contrast results.... There are many tests to go through to eliminate problems other than MS. What symptoms did you have that resulted in the testing? (3 replies)
Ready to give up
Jun 19, 2008
... this test can be used to also check for inflammation in diseases like lupus...I think it can be used to see if you are at risk of cardiovascular disease too... ... (3 replies)
My vacation
May 31, 2008
... t make any sense not to show up. I mean, my whole life, tests have come back differently than expected. I have ulcerative colitis, and that alone should put my SED rate and CRP tests for inflammation through the roof, but I've ALWAYS been normal, even with visibly active inflammation via colonoscopy. ... (30 replies)
... (8 replies)
... sallie, it is absolutely possible to have a high sed rate when you're having an MS attack but it still isn't a marker. A high sed rate just indicates that infection or inflammation is occurring, but will not tell you the why. ... (8 replies)
... A high sed rate could also be due to an infection. ... (2 replies)
Aug 29, 2007
... A high sed rate is usually a marker for inflammation or infection. ... (2 replies)

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