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... The first time I experienced that, the eye doc called them Blepharospasms in 99. ... (11 replies)
Leg spasms
Jan 17, 2016
... Hi, I have ms diagnosed nearly 2 years misdiagnosed for at least 12. My main problems were upper body spasms in back and shoulders which are incredibly painful and loss of sight in my right eye. ... (7 replies)
Oct 11, 2013
... I have eye spasms and have lost sight in one of my eyes for a good 2 days it was like a white dot what's right in my line of vision. I have been having memory problems. ... (19 replies)

... sever dizziness, ear fullness. The symptoms got really bad within the 2 years of having my daughter in 2002. I was even hospitalized for a week with a severe headache that created so much pressure that I felt like every tooth in my mouth was going to pop out. ... (5 replies)
... ts listed in multiple sclerosis. I have taken a prescription drug to help with weight loss called topamax, I also have stopped taking this to help avoid with the severe musle spasms. It helped a little. ... (7 replies)
... I believe I had relapsing remitting MS until about 12 years ago when I believe a lot of stress triggered a severe relapse, and now I think I have progressive MS. That is my opinion. My doctors say they do not use the 4 categories of MS. It's all just RR. ... (7 replies)
SOOOOOO Confused
Aug 30, 2006
... ped my gluclose level.It was 34 yesterday ,after I ate checked it again it was 280.Its a side effect of the quinine.I have tunnel vision now in the left eye,with severe eye pain. ... (5 replies)
... A little over 3 years ago I had retinal detachments in both eyes requiring major eye surgery in my left eye and laser surgery in the right eye. ... (5 replies)
... I have, I also have tingling and numbness in both hands up to the elbows, loss of vision, weakness, stiffness and pain in my lower legs, loss of vision, bladder spasms with incontinence and loss of balance. ... (18 replies)
Is it just me?
Jan 12, 2005
... I too was diagnosed in July 2004. My Dr. put me on Rebif. I had been having very severe muscle spasms. They have stopped since Rebif. However, I am getting muscle twitching, face, hands and intense itching on lowere legs. I am assuming it is MS. ... (6 replies)
... Please start over by seeing a good eye doctor and from there requesting a visit to an MS specialist. From there, you will be directed appropriately to another specialty if MS is dismissed. ... (3 replies)
Advice Please
Dec 27, 2015
... es, but it happens often. Also I see double whenever I look at LCD lights. I was told by an opthamologist that it was probably an undiagnosed astigmatism, but my eye doctor cant find one.My symptoms are body wide and vary day to day. ... (5 replies)
... In August of last year I had an incident occur where out of nowhere my left eye shot inwards causing me to see double. ... (9 replies)
... Hopefully I can get some insight. I got the endometriosis taken care of, now to tackle the rest of my failing body. I have had some new symptoms show up. Pretty scary. In the last month the new symptoms have been severe light headedness (near pass out), what feels like a rapid heart beat, short of breath, tight chest (no pain), and my blood pressure spiked. My normal bp... (8 replies)
... Hi Board -- I hope I can get some clarity or more info here...thanks for taking the time to read. I have a low back injury at L5-S1 that has contributed to a lot of pain and degeneration issues....because of the back I live in constant pain. But there have been a lot of unexplainable symptoms recently that aren't related. In order of severity - -Hip & leg nerve... (4 replies)
... I'm new here and currently undergoing testing for MS. I have a lot of the symptoms of MS but they seem somewhat different or far less severe than what I've read about. I know that doesn't mean anything and that you can't diagnose by listing symptoms alone. ... (5 replies)
... I forget to mention that I also had epidural injection and facet injection from 2011 till Sept 2012 after my last facet injection things got intensely worse. Thank you Jayhawk for you response, it means a lot to know there are understanding people still out there. I am glad you are willing to just sit by with me and take this ride of limbo - land. I always hated not knowing... (82 replies)
... utting the pieces to the puzzle together. I have my back issues could that have something to do with all of this or is that something total different. I have had severe migraine since 09. ... (82 replies)
... otherwise I'll have spasms that feel similar but elsewhere on my body. ... (3 replies)
... onths I have had an increase in episodes that are now to the point they are interfering with my life. Falling, tripping, balance issues, fatigue, tingling, pain, spasms and left sided weakness all there. In July my eye dr noticed scarring on both optic nerves mainly my left. ... (8 replies)

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