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... on't know why my dr didn't refer me to one. He saw my concerns and heard my questions but he referred me to nerologyst instead. I should say that I am afraied of the MRI contrast I never had one. What if I develop allergic reaction to it. ... (15 replies)
Could it be MS?
Jan 10, 2014
... huge heart rate, feeling of huge temperature, dizziness, nausea. ... (2 replies)
... For about the past 2 weeks I have been getting a stabbing pain in my right little toe and a feeling like an electrical shock down the side of my foot when I move my foot a certain way. It happens mainly at night while I'm in bed. It will also happen if I stretch my leg out completely. ... (16 replies)

... A quick recap of all my symptoms in the last year... ... (0 replies)
... I get the electrical shock feeling in the bottom of my feet and they progress up ward.They can be a bit painful.The jerks,I can get them in any limb, day or night. ... (2 replies)
MS in Canada
Jul 29, 2014
... know I have MS and I am just waiting for the medical community to confirm it. I would be so ever grateful for any advise. A little background. ... (5 replies)
... m very healthy, not overweight, normally happy disposition, and run a very busy home. Then I developed 3 different types and stages of symptoms which began with the following isolated incident. ... (2 replies)
Probable MS...?
Oct 14, 2008
... I don't know if it is prevalent in your area. Just a thought. ... (36 replies)
Probable MS...?
Sep 22, 2007
... I struggle daily with the sunlight as well as certain wavelengths of light bulbs. I wear polarized UVA UVB sunglasses and these help on all but the really bad days when my right eye will shut with any amount of light. ... (36 replies)
Probable MS...?
Sep 22, 2007
... right. The buzzing in my ears today is noticeable and throwing me off balance. To top the list I am having pvc's too. ... (36 replies)
Probable MS...?
Sep 17, 2007
... Thank you for this forum and for the ability to post dreaded questions that are hungry for answers or at least a nudge in the right direction. ... (36 replies)
... electric shocks in both the back sides of my thighs and gentle tingling all down my neck and spine. I have had this reaction from bending my neck in this way for a solid month now. It's not painful, at least not as much as it was the first time I got it... on that first night, I had difficulty walking. ... (6 replies)
Jan 7, 2006
... Last night I had a twitch over my left eye above my eyebrow. I always have numbness off and on everyday in my right breast and the right side of my face and around my mouth.This has been going on for 3 months now. I am also having a muscle spasms on and off in my left sholder blade. ... (13 replies)
... a neurologist and am now waiting for mri appointment of my head and neck. I have already had one of my t and l spine. Finding few disk problems and two syrinxs in T. ... (1 replies)
Suspected MS
Nov 21, 2013
... Have had health issues for just over 2 years now. Started with my right arm going dead and hand feeling weak along with extreme fatigue. Was referred to neuro and MRI normal at this point. Was going to do an EMG but appointment never came. ... (12 replies)
... this is in reply to your question. thanks for your care and writing to me.i didnt elaborate all my symptoms in my post. your question was detailed, so let me write in detail. hopefully it wont bother you. ... (20 replies)
... It would be easy for me to remind you that over 500,000 people in the US have MS, and that each and every one of us have been where you are now... ... (26 replies)
... Hi Nikki, isn't that something about the flip I am doing so much better mentally but the symptoms remain and some are worst. ... (23 replies)
I have MS
May 26, 2012
... I think Jayhawk explained the "triggering" of symtoms well. ... (47 replies)
I have MS
May 21, 2012
... I actually didnt tell my kids right was a few months into injecting, that I felt I had to tell the older two something, the youngest was only 3 and didnt need to know at that point. I had been hiding the syringes and doing it upstairs in the bathroom until this point... ... (47 replies)

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