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MS and confused
Jul 8, 2018
... Hi, It's been awhile, but I am very confused. I have MS and have had it for along time, about 22 years. I use a walker because I cannot stand on my own since I lean forward all the time and my left foot drop has gotten worse. I normally am able to walk in my home without the walker. I have started to go to PT and I am finding it is getting worse. I am come home and very... (5 replies)
... hours sleep without any electronics nearby or the lights from any electronics nearby. Your body should start to show improvements. ... (3 replies)
... Your pituitary problems should be resolved first. If the doctor can, ask for a referral for any other symptoms which do not fit. ... (3 replies)

... They read their own can get a copy wherever you had the MRI done and you should start requesting them everytime you go. They will burn them on CD for you. Any doctor you see in the future needs to see these. ... (3 replies)
... subcortical white matter of the cerebrum. When I called to get my results neuro. Told me that the tumor had not grown and said nothing about the other findings. Should they not be looking more into the possibility of this being MS because of these findings? ... (3 replies)
... sions is wrong. My personal journey had me going 25 years from initial onset before cognition problems contributed to my disability. As mentioned above, Zoloft should also be reviewed. ... (7 replies)
... odes of chest tightness under my rib cage that felt like someone had blown a ballon up and I couldn't breath. He said I needed more sleep, and then asked me if I should have a sleep study done. ... (7 replies)
... spine MRI should be done. ... (7 replies)
... ecialist, I would encourage you to check with an MS Specialist. If Vitamin D supplementing was not discussed, please discuss this with your regular doctor who should monitor your levels. My lowest was 32 and my MS Specialist put me on a dosage of 1000 iu per day of D3. ... (7 replies)
... You should also be having a Cspine... ... (7 replies)
... at it was all "normal". I pushed for a follow up appointment and asked for my test results. What I found concerns me and I'm wondering if it would be something I should push my neuro to continue considering given my clinical symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... If the lab tests have included Lyme, vitamin and mineral, and any bacterial or viral checks, you should be in good shape as far as tests go. ... (5 replies)
... While my deductible is met, are there any additional test that I should request? ... (5 replies)
... With the additional information you shared, I would say that an MS Specialist should be sought. An MRI can change quickly. Evidence of lesions is something that never leaves. ... (13 replies)
... sions on my MRI, so I can't be diagnosed. Everytime I go in there, its like I'm seeing him for the first time again, I don't think he reads my chart before. WHAT SHOULD I DO? ... (13 replies)
... Yeah I knew from my last MRI at this same place and same machine (in 2007) that they did sedation, because they had to do it to me in the midst of the MRI. I am very claustrophobic and so even with the music and valium I had such a bad panic attack that I had an auditory hallucination. The Tech pulled me out, said I'd scared the crap out of him (woops) and they immediately... (19 replies)
... ick to getting through an MRI is to simply close your eyes before they start and keep them closed the entire time. A closed MRI has a little mirror on top of it, should you happen to open your eyes, you can actually see outside it because it has the "rearview" mirror attached....have you actually been in a closed MRI before? ... (19 replies)
... So now I should be getting the closed MRI with and without contrast on my head. If nothing shows up I'll ask that they do my spine. Geez what a hassle! ... (19 replies)
What should I do?
Apr 25, 2014
... (I'm not sure where to post this, I am just hoping that someone here might know if this is serious, and if so what I should do). This morning before my alarm went off, my phone woke me up. I went to go answer it but the moment my feet hit the ground I crumbled to the floor. My left leg was completely dead and my other limbs weren't much better. I laid on the floor trying to... (19 replies)
... ind which requires little thought and is something you thoroughly enjoy. If you have an activity which requires concentration and mental activity, this activity should be reserved for times other than your rest time. ... (13 replies)

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