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... I have taken soma in the past and it did make me tired but last night I was given flexeril and today I feel weak and tired still. I don't recall this happening with soma. The flexeril is 10mg. I did take it years ago but it was 5mg. The 10mg. ... (12 replies)
... I'm glad the flexeril is helping.There's nothing better than a good night spasm free and getting sleep. ... (12 replies)
... l. Also did not ever hear that muscle relaxers were addictive. I've used them before and don't recall having a problem stopping them. Actually wait..I was taking soma after surgery for about 1 month twice a day and do remember having trouble falling asleep the first night I stopped but, that's it. ... (12 replies)

... I went in and read that link you posted. It gave the flexeril and overall score of 2.7, which is half good, half bad. Honestly, the only people who gave it bad scores, were the ones trying to take it during the day.... ... (12 replies)
... I took my first 10 mg flexeril last night...and guess what? ... (12 replies)
... ad to leave work that next morning because I was so out of it and almost falling over. I slept for HOURS that day and for days later, till we realized it was the Flexeril making me so messed up then! Its bad stuff!! ... (12 replies)
... Do some research on Flexeril for yourselves. ... (12 replies)
... WHoo HOO! Can hardly wait to try this. I was given a 10 mg script for the drug (Flexeril) on Thursday, picked it up this morning and was going to try it tonight...what the heck, nothing going on that sleeping thru it wont hurt on Saturday! Will let you know how I do on it, just to compare ... Nikki (12 replies)
... Sometimes meds effect everyone differently.I could take 30 mgs of flexeril and it not effect me. ... (12 replies)
... Flexeril takes time to adjust to.My understanding soma is addictive vs the flexeril.If its not a capsule then yes you can cut it.You can buy a pill cutter at your pharmacy. ... (12 replies)
... kdel, I am going to continue using this drug! Not everynight, but as needed. I verified again today, with the pharmacist that it is NOT addictive, and the 10 mg pills CAN be CUT IN HALF, even though they are not scored. no time release, etc. So, Im going to use it as needed. I think that based on what you said, and I experienced, its a good drug- one which help us when we... (12 replies)
... Wow, didn't expect so many responses. I took it again last night and it does help the spasms however, I have a headache that feels like a kind of drug hangover. so far I don't feel as bad as yesterday so don't know if it was actually the meds or the fear of taking the meds that caused my symptoms. Also now that the muscles are relaxing I have this sort of clicking all over in... (12 replies)
... Hey Nikki. woohoo is right. Only problem is my son is having is birthday party on Sunday. I needed the muscle relaxers so I could get stuff done because the spasms were so bad I could hardly walk. Now I still can't get anything done! It did help the spasms though. Now today my heart is doing something, some palpitations BUT I get these anyway sometimes so have no idea if it's... (12 replies)
... Hi again and thanks. I also asked the pharmacist about cutting it and he saidthe general rule is that if it's not scored and you split it you are not guaranteed your getting half a dose so I don't know what to do really but this is definitley too strong if you have things to do. He did say though that it's not dangerous as it is not time released. I have just made so many... (12 replies)

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