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... called saying "I think you have MS!" I didn't know much about it, but I knew it was big and said no way you are overreacting. Well in health class a few days ago MS came up. My teacher gave the top ten signs and I had every single one. ... (2 replies)
... I have read that some people have strange symptoms with MS. I have FMS and all the usual symptoms associated with it (feeling like I have been hit by a truck during flare ups, stiff and sore muscles, difficulty moving or walking, fatigue, insomnia, depression-maybe even bipolar, "fibro fog", headaches, hand tremors, shakiness, etc.). I was diagnosed in October, and for 3 years... (4 replies)
... Youre seeing it because of your recent diagnosis. One of the toughest things to learn when you are newly diagnosed, is NOT to think everything that happens is MS related. It takes time to accept and learn that. Youl think a cold is a relapse, a virus is a relapse, a sore throat is reason to go on steroids... ... (1 replies)

Mild ms
Apr 27, 2008
... I've been told that I also have benign MS and that it's really a misnomer as there is no such thing. Benign MS is in my mind is MS in it's infancy stages, where I was getting symptoms once year in November. Since starting Avonex, I've skipped my Nov symptoms. ... (6 replies)
... Scrapes and sore muscles are the story of my life.LOL! Fatigue contributes to falling so when I'm tired I sit and rest. ... (17 replies)
... I have fallen about a dozen times since diagnosis 4.5 years ago. Nothing major has broken, thank goodness. Lots of scrapes and sore muscles from trying to catch myself. I have learned to come down the stairs at home on my bottom when necessary. The number of times I have tripped, couldn't tell you. ... (17 replies)
... My neck was very tight and TMJ was acting up. Sore muscles, lots of panic attacks. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with the stretching. I had an MRI and I had to put both my arms over my head for a LONG time, and by the end of that test, both arms were very very sore, and hard to use, and I also went to PT to help strenghten them up. I was in a relapse at the time, and I think that is why my arms hurt so bad. I get real stiff in my joints since I have had MS, and I exercise in a... (4 replies)
... In early December I had both arms fall asleep during the night as well as very sore muscles in my upper arms. One bout of fatigue wear my arms were so tired I had to sit down and rest them. ... (4 replies)
Sore muscles
Mar 28, 2005
... t there and barely go thru the motions, but all in all I have to say it has been beneficial. I think I have a natural aversion to exercise, but can't blame the ms for that! ... (10 replies)
Sore muscles
Mar 28, 2005
... Thank you Deb, Is this just an MS symptom? ... (10 replies)
Jun 7, 2016
... leg muscles are sore. Im extremely nervous and my anxiety is at an all time high! Any ideas? ... (26 replies)
... ere and this will probably be a bit lengthy, as I've been having a wide array of symptoms off and on for about 12 years now. I am absolutely terrified I may have MS and hope that someone takes the time to read this and perhaps ease some of my fears. I have never felt so afraid! ... (6 replies)
Could this be MS?
Mar 28, 2016
... One day my joints were sore all over, and my toes remain cold and tingly. Some of my muscles ache. ... (6 replies)
... minutes of walking but eventually my legs get so sore It makes it hard to walk, however, I've noticed that normal walking and even running is fine for my legs. ... (3 replies)
... etting worried about lymphoma, leukemia, stomach cancer due to stomach issues I've had forever. Really started to get concerned when I devoloped some fatigue and sore muscles, like flu symptoms but didn't really get any other symptoms beyond that. I started to worry about all these ailments feb 15 or so. ... (15 replies)
... spine MRIs also. All negative. Neuro did evoked potentials and was normal. No lumbar puncture. I saw about 4 different neuros, one of which ms specialist, all said not ms. ... (15 replies)
... About 6 months ago, in late August, I started feeling like I had sore muscles in my left leg and shoulder. I carry my children a lot on that side so I thought it may be related to that. ... (3 replies)
Possible MS?
Oct 28, 2013
... I think your doctor is in over her head. I think I would seek out an MS Specialist just as your GP is doing. You are blessed! ... (33 replies)
... My shoulders are always clenched, as if the muscles are contracted and won't let go, leaving them always sore and tired, and leaving my neck stiff. ... (15 replies)

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