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... Ive had several LPs....lay flat after the procedure. Do not get up and walk around for at least 8 hours, no matter how "good" you feel, dont push yourself. ... (5 replies)
... felt fine in my head, although horrible in my spine. I still feel horrible in my back... but my problem... I woke up last night with the tell tale excruciating headache I know so well. It hurts when I'm lying down a little in my right temple, but becomes a full head headache with severe pain upon standing. ... (4 replies)
... A few months back, I had an issue with a nagging, persistent headache that would not subside. ... (5 replies)

... and my brain was swelling. I also began to experience trouble swallowing and had several coworkers ask me if I had hurt myself because apparently, I was limping. After going to 3 different doctors who insisted acute sinusitis and migraines, I finally got one of them to order an MRI in August. ... (9 replies)
... it was very difficult to read anything. At first I thought it was just due to lack of sleep and eye tiredness, but since it didn't go away after 2 days I understood that I needed to see a doctor. As it was friday and weekend comming, I thought I would just rest at weekend and maybe it would improve. ... (1 replies)
... It all started about 10 years ago. One day I had a sudden headache and within a couple of hours i was experiencing double vision to the point that it was making me nauseaus. Scared to death I went to my internist. ... (6 replies)
Rocking the boat??
Jan 10, 2009
... I was diagnosed with MS in 2005, with the symptoms of vision loss in my right eye for 42 days, which a constant headache following daily. ... (6 replies)
... I know how terrifying the spinal tap is. I was sick worrying about mine for almost a week before it was done. ... (19 replies)
... took me to the ER. They did a CT which came back normal. They sent me home and told me to see my PCP the next day and that I should have an MRI. I developed a headache in the meantime. They thought maybe I was beginning to get migraines. ... (14 replies)
... The spinal tap will be fine. Just do everything before and after that they tell you to do, and take that valium! ... (4 replies)
... I am sorry to hear of your troubles. My docs thought I had MS for about 9 months but there were some things that did not add up and my MRIs were clean. finally, thankfully, Someone pointed me to Lyme. I was diagnosed last month. ... (1 replies)
Recently Diagnosed
Apr 29, 2007
... Im 40 years old, was diagnosed 3 weeks before my 40th birthday, and that was almost 10 months ago...getting the picture? ... (8 replies)
Today's the Day!
Aug 10, 2006
... r neuro who says you are wrong, all tests are iffy, it all needs to be redone. Yes! I'm very upset! You ran tests for 3 months and finally gave me a diagnosis after 2 years of trying to find out what was wrong, I saw them for 15 minutes and they took it all away, setting me back 2 years again! ... (35 replies)
... At age 24, after birth of my 2nd child I had sharp pain in my right hand. ... (6 replies)
... a precursor to MS. I woke up one morning with what I thought was a really bad sinus headache but then I noticed that the inner quadrant of my right eye had NO viaion. That's when the testing started. It took a few months to regain my vision. ... (28 replies)
... straight or walk after doing it. ... (11 replies)

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