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... inflammatories. BY administering steroids to you, it may reduce any inflammation and everything will return to normal. But you wont know right away, its not magic. ... (10 replies)
... years....first MRI 6 years ago normal...went on with my life... ... (3 replies)
... I can help you a little with these because this is what I do for a living. I'm an MRI tech. First of all, from the report, the diagnosis "at the top" is the reason why the test is being performed. ... (9 replies)

... From what I've gathered, your MRI does sound very concerning but doesn't necessarily mean MS. ... (7 replies)
... Has the doc suggested a spinal tap to rule out MS, an infection or malignancy? ... (5 replies)
... was 825 back in July of 2014. My MRI shows several lesions typical in the area for Ms. For my spinal tap I have 14 ogioclonal bands with high Igg complex. So not to many other AI conditions to choose from. ... (15 replies)
... I'm hoping someone can help me out. The Drs thought I had Pseudotumor Cerebri, since my optic nerves have in swollen since Oct 2013. I had a MRI and Spinal tap. Found out my pressure was too low. But they found oligocional bands in my CSF. BUT concluded not enough evidence for MS. I have many symptoms of MS. ... (5 replies)
... inflammation of the optic nerve and spinal cord. The spinal tap is usually a go to test as there is an increase white blood cell count in patients with Devic's versus an MSer. ... (24 replies)
... You have had MRIs of your back but have you ever had a brain MRI and if so what if anything did it show? ... (5 replies)
... Then comes 2013...worst year of my entire life!!! The degenerative aspect of my spinal cord decided to impinge and flatten my cord to only a 5mm opening. ... (5 replies)
... ally for back pain and vision problems. A week after seeing the neuro I woke up one morning with no feeling in BOTH arms down through hands. Went to ER and had a MRI done to rule out MS. MRI came back with a "few" lesions. Admitted for observation, blood draw, and a spinal tap. ... (9 replies)
... ve shown up on the MRI. Active lesions, which are attacks of recent months or days, show up as white spots on the MRI. Its possible that the person who read your MRI wasnt skilled and didnt pick it up. Anything is possible. ... (19 replies)
... The brain and CSpine MRI are the first steps, because what they are looking for, is damage on the spinal cord, or brain, which shows up on a MRI....this damage is actually scarring, or lesions, as they are known. Without seeing them, a patient cannot get a MS dx. ... (7 replies)
New news
Aug 14, 2012
... May 3, I had MRI because Neuro was looking for acoustic neuroma, MRI was clear on that, lesions were found, spinal tap done, negative. Neuro said does not think ms. ... (15 replies)
... logist over migraine headaches. He thinks because of that, and my symptoms I have now, that I have MS, yes he clearly told me he thought that. I did have a brain MRI back when I used to go to him, and it was fine. That is why he wanted to do a spinal tap. ... (31 replies)
... As for the blindness you describe. Optical Neuritis, is caused by inflammation of the optic nerve. It can be associated with MS, but isnt always. My brother gets it and his is triggered by migranes. ... (6 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Mar 23, 2010
... About your questions. First of all, a CT scan can NOT diagnose MS. Only an MRI will truly show the lesions, the placement and where they are. A CT scan is the first test I was given as well. ... (16 replies)
... but I didn't feel comfortable with this "diagnosis" so I consulted a neurologist and he ordered an MRI of my spine and said that is what he would have looked at first... ... (5 replies)
... Now here's where it gets annoying. The radiologist messed up and 1. didn't give me contrast and 2. did not take scans of my spine, even though my orignal mri found 2 lesions on my spine. So i now don't know how many lesions I have or the extent of activity. ... (7 replies)
My MS Diagnosis
Jul 6, 2008
... I did the MRI of my brain and cervical spine. ... (14 replies)

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