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... diagnosed by ruling out everything else....and some brain infections, like meningitis and PML present alot like MS symtoms. Those can easily be ruled out with a spinal tap. Assuming they are ruled out, it still wont tell you if you have MS or not. I too, have had several spinal taps in my life and they are all negative. ... (10 replies)
... The Spinal Tap is not conclusive for MS. ... (16 replies)
Spinal Tap
Oct 5, 2008
... Hi, everyone. My doctor wants to do a spinal tap to determine if I have MS, and I'm wondering if my symptoms and MRI results really warrant it. ... (4 replies)

... and he told me that my spinal tap results were negative. In denial, and extremely pissed off, I drove my butt down to worcestor to go and get the results so I could see for myself. ... (15 replies)
... My neuro told me that he used to perform spinal taps in his office but scheduled mine in the hospital because I could get in quicker and therefore faster results. ... (5 replies)
... I'am not an advocate of spinal taps and I'm sure you'll get mixed reviews on this board. Mine went horribly afterwords and it took me two different trips to the ER to deal with the aftermath. ... (15 replies)
Spinal tap results
Jun 22, 2007
... Every test I had was positive except for my spinal tap. It was negative. I was diagnosed on all the others. ... (2 replies)
Spinal tap results
Jun 22, 2007
... One monoclonal band and IgG levels normal, which means negative diagnosis as far as MS is concerned. ... (2 replies)
Spinal tap
Mar 15, 2007
... this was about 10 months ago. The tap I and blood test I had after the MRIs confirmed it was indeed MS. ... (25 replies)
Spinal tap
Aug 17, 2006
... months and in my opinion it's either a tick disease that we had a false negative, because they did only the ELISA test, which apparently has a high false negative rate. Or he has MS that is being sneaky. He hasn't had a spinal tap either. He has numbness in his face and head. ... (14 replies)
Spinal tap
Aug 17, 2006
... outh, extreme fatigue, loss of coordination and fine motor skills, diminished balance, confusion, loss of attention and short term memory, and headache. I had a spinal tap, CT scan, MRI, and EEG. The outcomes have been scattered. ... (14 replies)
Spinal tap
Jul 28, 2006
... A "negative" spinal tap does not rule out MS or other diseases. An abnormal autoimmune response in CSF is found in a number of other diseases, so the test is not specific for MS. ... (14 replies)
Spinal Tap?
May 18, 2006
... up then the spinal fluid won't have the broken down myelin in it that makes the test positive for MS. ... (4 replies)
2nd Spinal Tap
Aug 4, 2005
... Hi. I had an ANA test done in February of 2004. It was positive, but my doctor said that was just because of the Raynaud's. I was also having touble swallowing, then my primary care doctor said that could be a result of the secondary form of Raynaud's, which can mean Lupus, Sjogren's Syndrome, or Scleroderma. I've had two other ANA tests done since then, and they have both... (6 replies)
Spinal Tap
Jul 20, 2005
... I had my first spinal tap in 1997. The neuro told me to go home and lay down and drink a lot of coffee to circumvent a headache. It worked. It's hard to drink coffee laying down! ... (19 replies)
... I am at a point where I think I WANT a spinal tap because I am so up in the air. ... (2 replies)
... I had my spinal tap today. The fluid was clear. It was worse than I thought only in that I'd never heard you have to push the fluid out by bearing down. ... (4 replies)
... I'm curious how many people had a negative spinal tap first and later had a positive spinal tap for M. S. ? ... (1 replies)
... Even with negative spinal tap can you still have MS and it not show up for years? ... (2 replies)
... Thanks!! I had no idea there was such thing as an MS specialist. I've been trying for going on 2 years now to get a diagnosis....I have an aunt who tested negative with MS for years but had symptoms and didn't test positive until she was in her 50's. ... (5 replies)

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