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... spine MRI's. On all reports the radiologist put one diagnosis as MS. Last Monday my neurologist spent a lot of time explaining the MRI results, showing me several different lesions and white spots. On the right side of my brain he explained that this is exactly what a MS lesion looks like. ... (8 replies)
... d referred him to a CFS Specialist. I would encourage you to see the MS Specialist because of the multitude of known factors that will be reviewed. A "normal" MRI result in the hands of a general neuro might tell a different store to an MS Specialist. ... (1 replies)
... my mri literally looks like someone shot me in the head with buck shot and all the buckshot is the white spots, there is a lot and in there to is a hurricane, lol. ... (11 replies)

MS in Canada
Jul 29, 2014
... Good morning everyone. I truly suspect/know I have MS and I am just waiting for the medical community to confirm it. I would be so ever grateful for any advise. A little background. I recently moved to Canada from the US and I am trying to get use to the medical system here. I am use to just calling a specialist directly and booking my own appointments, which you cannot... (5 replies)
... Hm, I'm not sure what you meant by "what did the MRI scan. ... (5 replies)
... Secondly, dont even think about looking at your films. White spots, in certain areas are normal, and white spots on a film which was NOT done with contrast are probably exactly that... ... (10 replies)
... I had an MRI back in October of last year. ... (10 replies)
... melnic, Up to 5% of MSers can experience seizures. These MS seizures do happen. I went through a period of seizures. In order to set aside the question of MS, please see an MS Specialist. A general neuor may not have experience with MS and may miss things which are obvious to an MS Specialist. An MRI should be with and without contrast and include your head and... (4 replies)
... and a blurred area near my sinus. marked as normal by neuro as the brights spots were non specific. ... (4 replies)
... hey whimpurr. I haven't been on here in a while and this news is troubling. I hate you are going thru this. I can certainly empathize as I had an extremely similar story, even telling the board I was Dx to recant soon after. I hope you find solid answers. I finally just said forget it, it hasn't killed me yet...I know that's terrible. At the last visit I went point for... (12 replies)
... Actually, you are NOT crazy- but there is NOTHING here which suggests MS. It doesnt matter who read it....the non specific white spots, are actually probably from an infection or bump on the head when you were three years old. Keep in mind that lesions are scars- and MS lesions are extremely specific in shape, size and placement....and pretty much anyone looking at 15 of... (2 replies)
... typical lesions. This shows that the MRI cannot be used as a specific test to confirm or deny MS. If every single MS caused lesion had the "Dawson's finger", things would be much easier. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Andy, You asked "If it is MS will my symptons keep coming and going forever more, also will they stay the same or will I get different problems?" Its hard to say. MS is a snowflake disease, meaning no two cases are exactly the same. No two of us have exactly the same progression, symptoms or future with this disease. I can tell you that for me, I havent progressed in 9... (5 replies)
... He showed me the MRI, he could see 5 spots but I could only see 4. ... (5 replies)
... Hi there and welcome to healthboards. White spots on the MRI, or lesions- as they are called, are scars from attacks on the Myelin Sheath, or protective coating on the nerves. MS is a disorder of the central nervous system, the brain, spine and eyes. Its also an autoimmune disorder. When the body attacks itself, it can do permanent damage or partial damage to the nerves-... (5 replies)
... I was sent for an MRI, there where no tumours etc. But the did find 5 white spots. My doctor sent me to a Neurologist, who decided to send me for another MRI to see any difference between my scan 6 months ago. ... (5 replies)
MRI Update
Apr 2, 2013
... He doesn't want to change anything. Is the increase in white matter spots maybe why I'm having other issues more often... ... (2 replies)
... which I was told is "microvascualr damage from complex migraines". While I know this is medically possible, I also know these spots are often idiopathic. ... (7 replies)
Mri's and lesions
Nov 25, 2012
... abnormal white spots on the brain are not unexpected with the history of migranes you describe. ... (6 replies)
Mri's and lesions
Nov 24, 2012
... going through old notes about old neurologist visits, I found where about 2 years ago, the dr I was going to at the time mentioned there were some abnormal white spots on my MRI of my brain. Then he said because I had migraines anything was possible on an MRI. Now I'm wondering if those could be MS lesions. ... (6 replies)

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