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... On and off for the last 3 or so years, I just haven't felt right and have had many vague symptoms. Sometimes I get tingling and prickly feelings in my legs. I notice these especially when I am exercising. ... (2 replies)
... hey lala and elle, i will be the first male to post on this thread, hope you don't mind. the feelings of confusion, anger, frustration and just plain needing to know some answers is so hard to deal with. ... (45 replies)
... Hello, I am a 35 year old female, my grandmother was diagnosed with MS at 60 years old. My problems started about 8 years ago with migraines, that only occured every once in a while. ... (3 replies)

Can I have MS?
Oct 12, 2006
... I know in my heart that, well I believe in my heart that I have MS but I just don't have the MD behind my name. ... (9 replies)
... things going good. Bouts with anxiety here and there but nothing serious. I start getting worried about lymphoma, leukemia, stomach cancer due to stomach issues I've had forever. ... (15 replies)
... spine MRIs also. All negative. Neuro did evoked potentials and was normal. No lumbar puncture. I saw about 4 different neuros, one of which ms specialist, all said not ms. ... (15 replies)
... Thank you once angain you are dead on with so many things, actually my daughter has become quite the artist although I may have been laying proped up on bed or couch. ... (11 replies)
... have had positive for 11 years of checking it. I also was diagnosed with lupus in 2000, but my PCP said it was fibromyalgia. I had a dx of CFS. ... (31 replies)
... I listed symptoms of everything I have been feeling, dealing with for over a year now. I do believe that the stomache discomfort could be associated with something else, however, I thought I'd ask the experts on the board. In terms of the bloodshot eyes, same goes as above. ... (45 replies)
Ms information
Nov 26, 2007
... falls ect. Then it started with the numbness tingling pain creepy crawling feeling in the same leg, then following stomach issues. And every once in a while my arm will go numb same side and hand and also sometimes my face gets funny feelings. ... (6 replies)
... ears. Went to neurologist, told her about this, she wanted to do brain MRI because my maternal grandmother had MS, and my Mom and Grandfather have both suffered with migraines all their lives. So, I was to scared to have the tests done. I do have migraines. ... (6 replies)
... I havent been positively dx with ms except for a "possible" diagnosis. ... (5 replies)
... I know your strange feelings all too well. I have heart palpatations and anxiety attacks. ... (7 replies)
... I don't know if I am finally getting the dreaded fatigue I have read so much about or if I am coming down with something. I am recently diagnosed, been on Avonex for 2 months, and have felt pretty good until a couple of days ago. ... (2 replies)
Apr 1, 2013
... over 400,000 people in the USA alone live with it. Its simply a hindrance, and at times, causes pain and feelings of not being "right", but its not a life threatening disease......the symptoms you describe, sound like they could be any number of things.... ... (24 replies)
... Hello everyone! I see how helpful the regulars on the site are with people like me looking for answers. I hope that you are open to giving me feedback and insight on my situation. ... (6 replies)
Knee pain.
Oct 30, 2010
... Because of your post I joined This blogging site. I wanted to share my story with you and others you share information with. I have never done this before. ... (4 replies)
... Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of my MS dx. I didn't expect this event to bring much other than some memories, but I've been very introspective lately, which is a good thing. ... (16 replies)
Simply confused
Aug 26, 2006
... I have been dx with fibro in 2005, I have not had the 18 point pressure test done and I have not even been referred to a rheumy. ... (5 replies)
Can anyone help??
Feb 11, 2006
... Numbness and tingling in left foot, started with toes and moved up into my lower leg. No numbness in right leg. ... (6 replies)

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