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... To be positive for MS are there always lesions on the brain or can you have MS with no lesions? ... (6 replies)
Have i got ms?
Aug 8, 2010
... you have enough symptoms that could be symptoms of MS to warrant further testing. I don't think calling all of those things anxiety is a viable answer. ... (3 replies)
MS or not?
Aug 5, 2010
... Optic Neuritis can exist with MS or without further MS symptoms. Is your neurologist a MS specialist? ... (3 replies)

... Hi all had symptoms of MS for about 2 months now and seem to be getting worse. Had an MRI about a week ago and came back clear. ... (13 replies)
... I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. I was also told by my doc here that I didn't have some of the common symptoms of MS, problem with the eyes, iritis? ... (20 replies)
... days before this happened where I had 3 fillings, one large one was removed then replaced. I read that a problem with the silver amalgam fillings can mimic MS symptoms in some people, not cause it, just mimic the symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... I am going to my primary care on Monday to inquire if I have MS or more like CIS. I was tested for MS on Christmas Eve 2005 because I have lesions on my Head MRI but my spinal tap was negative.. ... (6 replies)
... inflamatory diseases and MS is NOT mentioned as it being helpful for..... ... (2 replies)
... s extremely important and current studies are finding very strong links between vitamin D and MS. My colleagues daughter is a phd who studied at a world renowned ms clinic doing research on the vitamin D component. I am also newbie. Just joined last week and I have to say it's a bit addictive but so theraupetic. ... (2 replies)
... thing happens and it quits. I have been to the doctor and even the emergency room. There is nothing wrong with my heart, not a heart attack. I am wondering if MS has what seems like an attack, it takes about 3 weeks from the time I notice it starting until it abruptly ends. ... (1 replies)
... Lets see what some of the other have to say. ... (6 replies)
... llo all I was recently told I may MS. I had a mri done to check for a pinched nerve in my neck and they found what they call a enhancing spot in the white matter of my brain. ... (6 replies)
... Actually, this nuro did mention with the bloops on the mri and the symptoms that he wanted to run the MS panel. I started doing my own research on MS when I started googling my ON and symptoms and of course did not like what I saw. ... (17 replies)
... Did you ever have symptoms that lasted for a few seconds then went away? ... (6 replies)
... Is MS complex? ... (6 replies)
... MSJayhawk, thank you once again. Are there any medical tests i should be aware of -specific bloodwork,EMG?,etc? as i mentioned i already have head, cervical and thoracic mri's. (14 replies)
... When you meet with your neurologist for fresh eyes, you might want to have a journal of your symptoms. ... (14 replies)
... If you suspect MS,you really need to get into see a MS specialist. Now, that said, the MS Specialist will have to determine the extent of your anxiety. Many symptoms of MS can be mimicked by anxiety,A good neurologist can sort the symptoms out, but the answer may still come back as anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... this all started nearly 9 months ago when i was struck with a sudden headache at the base of my skull on the left side and became a bit lightheaded. these symptoms lasted for several days, and on the 5th evening, i became so dizzy and weak in all my limbs and could barely speak. ... (5 replies)
... Although I may not post as often as most I STILL try to kept up with the postings and who's dealing with what symptoms. This board always seems to have a wealth of information and I would like to ask a few... no many questions and see if anyone can help me out. ... (8 replies)

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