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... rted it does when you get novocaine at the dentist. It quickly moved from my tongue to my cheek, to my ear...and then progressed down the entire right side of my body. The majority of the tingling and numbness went away, except my face. Shortly after I was having a hard time seeing out of my right eye. ... (6 replies)
... I had tingling and a weird altered sense of touch perception on my left arm for several weeks, which resolved some months ago. ... (14 replies)
... Just a few months ago, my right arm went numb, lost dexterity in my hand and lost strength. ... (2 replies)

... spine doctor tomorrow as my right arm from the shoulder to fingertips has started to go numb. Lots of heaviness with tingling sensation. ... (2 replies)
... Your peripheral nerves which control your arms and hands separate in your cervical spine. Lesions in your thoracic spine would likely not cause your tingling unless your messages were cross wired and sent in another direction. ... (21 replies)
... and that, and she complains that her sense of taste has become so diminished that she must concentrate to taste and, even then, the taste may be distorted. Her right ear is numb to the touch as is the skin surface of her right arm and leg. She is also experiencing ringing in her right ear. ... (6 replies)
... when I lifted a galvanized gate at the dairy farm. I did not know any thing about MS. I was 14 yo. Finally, when I was at the university I lost the use of my right arm and hand. ... (18 replies)
... es and when it affects both sides, it can affect them differently. When my legs are affected, my left is always worse than my right. When I lost the use of my right arm, my left side and legs were not bothered at all. ... (18 replies)
... e world was spinning and I though I was going to fall over. It only lasted a few seconds and then faded away. The next day, out of the blue, I had a spot on my right cheek start to tingle and then go numb. It lasted the rest of the night, and even started to spread toward my ear by bedtime. ... (9 replies)
... I have the same tingling all over my body and sometimes itchy feeling, my right arm seems to bother me the most, sometimes when i am falling asleep my body starts jerking. ... (5 replies)
Arm- Joint pain???
Jul 30, 2007
... I am hoping maybe one of you can shed some light on what I believe to be another "symptom". On Saturday morning I woke up and my right arm was very sore only at my elbow and shoulder when I lifted it. ... (3 replies)
... In January I started having a tingling sensation in my right arm, mostly when I tilted my head down toward my chest. ... (6 replies)
Tingling Arm
Jan 21, 2002
... I haven't been to the dr yet for the arm tingling, as I had hoped it would get better. Anyone have similar symptoms or know what can cause this. Thanks. ... (5 replies)
... I first noticed numbness and tingling in my hand and feet. ... (11 replies)
Checking In Again
Sep 24, 2015
... with a severely tingling right hand and right arm whilst being in limbo land during that time! So I can completely understand where you are coming from! ... (10 replies)
Question about MS
Jul 28, 2015
... Ive had intermittent tingling in various extremities as well as numbness. Of toes. I also have face pain occasionally and the fatigue in my legs is ridiculous! ... (18 replies)
... When my MS hit me, that is the first time I finally noticed it, was when my right arm went limp. tingling, numb, and then without use. This was in 1982, but I had had MS since at least 1977. ... (21 replies)
... days ago I had sudden symptoms of numbness and tingling in my right arm. ... (21 replies)
... Usually my right arm, and usually if it is bent one way or another. ... (23 replies)
... tingling in my right arm. The doctor ordered a brain MRI and blood work. The tingling will come and go throughout the day. ... (23 replies)

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