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... You stated that you had an MRI with contrast today. What did they scan? ... (17 replies)
... I went to a nuerologist, that I didn't like, and he ordered a cervical mri, no contrast. He said that there was a lot of calcification, arthritis. I have an appointment with a neuro surgeon that did surgery on my spine years ago to get his opinion. My hands have been twitching terrible for the past few days. ... (9 replies)
... No worries. I assume that your neuro was just a regular neuro and was looking for a quick diagnosis. Unfortunately MS is not so simple. ... (5 replies)

... The first neurologist was very likely well experienced. Based upon what you wrote, perhaps a new neurologist can best assist you. ... (15 replies)
... for a blood test. They were evasive about what they were looking for. ... (17 replies)
... I had an MRI scan two years ago when I had my first attack of papilloedema and that time it was done both without and then with contrast medium. This last time was done at a very large and reputable university hospital and, the technician told me I would have a second scan with contrast. ... (17 replies)
... then they put you back in the machine and repeat a few of the series...usually an additional 10 minutes or so... ... (4 replies)
... dye introduced with an IV during your MRI. No contrast is just a MRI without an IV. The dye is used to be able to see more detail. ... (4 replies)
... HI there. I only have a few things to add. Your doctor said you might not be dx because this is the first time...thats not necessarily true. ... (6 replies)
... The tests normally taken to identify you having MS is an MRI with contrast. If it shows lesions in the brain, the radiologist will send a report saying his findings are that of MS. ... (7 replies)
... I will be praying for you as you continue your journey. I don't understand my symptoms at all and the "foggy spaced out head" will just not go away, I think that is what makes me worry the most. Also now with the tingling, it's just a lot. I also have constant pressure and head aches, feeling sinus like. ... (6 replies)
... the insurance company refused to pay for an MRI with contrast, so we went ahead without contrast. If the doc still thinks it might be MS, can he make a diagnosis off the current MRI or will he need to order another MRI with contrast? ... (3 replies)
... I finally had my referral appointment from my last neurologist this afternoon. I went to a new outpatient clinic here in town that is supposed to be touted as the newest and best thing. ... (5 replies)
MS Limbo?
Dec 5, 2012
... a desk either...and even though I have MS, I have since my diagnosis, gotten several degrees and work in sales management, never in the same place for more than an hour and I travel extensively for my job. ITs possible to work in a career which isnt too brutal on MS ... ... (2 replies)
... the end of June, beginning of July, 2012. I had tremendous pressure, photophobia and had to start wearing sunglasses because the pain was so intense. I went to an FNP who said it was a sinus infection. She put me on Cipro for 10 days. I know what a sinus headache and infection feels like and this was nothing like it. ... (6 replies)
... So what does the dye do, because my patient plan specified no dye. ... (4 replies)
... alone problem but it can also be a "companion" of MS. The MSAA has funding programs for an MRI if you lack insurance. ... (4 replies)
... they said "Yes". Then when I started asking questions about the with or without contrast. The assistant said I would have to call the center that did the MRI and speak to the doctor there that read it. So, I called the center and the person there said "we don't talk to the patient". I am so stuck. ... (8 replies)
... I would have thought that they would have looked for lesions, given what my GP said. ... (5 replies)
... are treated by neurologists....clusters of Lesions are lesions which are all in the exact same place, without any space between them. Whether you have 4 or 5, you do not have a cluster, unless the idea is they are all clustered together in the same region of your brain. ... (8 replies)

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