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... Lots of inconsistent muscle and joint pain body wide over the past 3 years accompanied with headaches. Had a high CPK test of 6944 followed by a normal CPK test of 218. Doctor thinks the first lab might have been a bad lab because I am young and fit. ... (0 replies)
High cpk
Aug 6, 2009
... hrough periods of time that walking feels like my legs are moving through thick syrup and the muscles burn after walking just a short distance. I had higher than normal CPK result, and we attribute it to the myo. ... (5 replies)
Elevated CPK Level
Feb 28, 2013
... I have had all the PFTs and thats what they told us were normal, nothing to worry about. They did decide I have sleep apnea and in fact, I thought all along it was my husband's snoring that kept me awake, when my interruptions were more severe than his. Who knew. (20 replies)

Elevated CPK Level
Feb 28, 2013
... and fast heart rate. All lab values fluctuate, so they will be different each time. Sometimes the baseline is just above normal, so the results fluctuate between normal and elevated. This is not unusual so don't let it bother you. Have you had pulmonary function tests done by the pulmonolgist? ... (20 replies)
Elevated CPK Level
Feb 26, 2013
... That must be why my doc was more concerned with how high the AST was compared to the ALT. I have been having the hepatic function tests every 2 weeks but now that the Imuran is stopped - it is going back to normal. I go tomorrow to see the Rhuemy and the liver specialist. I'm ready to stop the meds totally. I hate how they make me feel. I can say that because my muscles and... (20 replies)
Elevated CPK Level
Sep 20, 2012
... Yes, you can get muscle weakness with myositis, and the CK level can be correlated. My myositis seems intermitten, and I can always tell when my CK is up. Mine gets to about the same level as yours, then drops to normal. The AST and ALT can come from muscle as well as liver, so that fits. Do you know what kind of myositis you have? I hope it levels off or drops so it doesn't... (20 replies)
... ER Doctor said Lexapro can cause elevated CPK levels, but I cannot find any correlation online. ... (0 replies)
... tally unresponsive to other treatments. I understand the treatment is prednisone and either immuran or methatrexate. These are very powerful drugs. I now have normal CPK levels, hardly any pain whatsoever. This illness has its active and nonactive periods. ... (13 replies)
... you forget what normal feels like! ... (5 replies)
... Was your emg normal? I have two emgs as well and they were both normal. I have normal ck, but I show muscle wasting (very visible) all over body. (2 replies)
Elevated cpk
Dec 13, 2009
... I have been having transient episodes of 3 days to 2 weeks at a time of intense weakness of my arms and legs and feeling of complete exhaustion. My cpk levels were checked and were elevated. Rechecked in 2 months back to normal, rechecked again in 2 months and elevated. Right now we are just testing. ... (7 replies)
Elevated cpk
Nov 27, 2009
... I hope her cpk has gone back to normal. ... (7 replies)
Elevated cpk
Nov 6, 2009
... I'm pretty sure there must be some viruses that can cause muscle damage (I got some hits in google searching on creatine kinase and virus). One high CK reading and temporary flu-like symptoms for a week is probably meaningless. Getting the re-test is the right thing to do. It is important to do. But if the the other symptoms are gone, and the CK returns to normal, she... (7 replies)
Elevated cpk
Nov 5, 2009
... She is back to normal or she says now? ... (7 replies)
... I've been told that people with DM can have normal CPK levels and the disease still be active... ... (18 replies)
Cpk high
Oct 17, 2009
... had for 8 years now. It is an immune disorder, and occurs when your immune system attacks your muscles, turning it into a muscle disease. When first diagnosed my CPK was over 5000 !! ... (3 replies)
Cpk high
Sep 17, 2009
... my CPK came back 138. ... (3 replies)
... took me almost 3 weeks and then it was "inconclusive". It also hurt for weeks, but I am so symptomatic that I don't know if I will ever feel normal again. ... (7 replies)
... I get/got tinnitus as well and vision problems and muscle aches and twitches but no localized muscle loss that couldn't be explain from a reduction in exercise. It kinda sounds like Lyme Disease to me but it could be something else. Tinnitus suggests neuro involvement. Have you been tested? Any tick bites? I am really suspicious of myositis as a spontaneously occurring... (17 replies)
... student99: I had my TSH checked and it was normal. Are there other tests I should have done? duncan1: This problem all started November 2006. Still get the twitches, weakness, etc., but doesn't seem to have progressed. But now, I also have really bad floaters in my right eye (so I see them even when not looking at a white screen or sky), and bad tinnitus in my right ear... (17 replies)

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