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I just read all your post. I have been suffering from toe nail fungus for a long long time. I remember I had very thick nails on the big toes of both of my foot and they had been in-grown since I was little. I never remember that I had thin normal nails for my big toes. It turned to yellowish color when I was in college ... And one little toe nail got the same problem ... Then the three nails just got worse when I was pregnant ...

I thought "thick nail = fungus", "thick and yellowish = fungus + fungus". It seems I was wrong according to several other post by Marti.

Then I have tried ReclearAF (4-5 month), vinegar (2-3 weeks), Tea Tree oil (4-5 month), and Mycocide (1-2 weeks) since last August till now.

First I felt the ReclearAF was good, but the progress was really really slow for me. I may had 1 mm new normail color nail grew out in the 4-5 month period. However, they changed the formula of ReclearAF ( I didn't notice if they changed the active ingredient or not), but they changed the liquid to semi-liquid. The semi-liquid seems couldn't reach the side of my nails well. I had to give it up after I tried the new formula twice.

Then I used vinegar. I put cotton ball soaked with vinegar on my nail when I went to bed. However, the skin where the nail grows out became broken, and itchy. I had to give up.

Then I used Tea Tree oil. I just noticed it has the same active ingredient with the current ReclearAF. The white semi-liquid stuff still can not penetrate to the side of my nail. But it is cheap and I apply quite some on it. I hoped it works. But after 4-5 month, the result is still hard to tell. Maybe I got another 0.5-1 mm new normail color nail out? But one day the skin around the nail seems being too much irratated and broken. Continuous or stop using it seems doesn't help the irratated skin. I had to give it up again.

Then I bought this one, Mycocide (Tolnaftate 1%), the most expensive one for fungus treatment in walmart. I really irratate my skin surrounding my nails!!! It is very itchy and peeling. The skin color turns a bit dark. The broke one was even worse, some small tiny holes seems developing on the skin with some liquid coming out.

Tonight, I had to stop and soak my nails in vinegar again. Just hope my toes can get some relief from itching and pain.

It seems I am writing a long post. I have been read this board since last summer. Thanks Marti and others for sharing the knownledge and experience!

As I remember, Marit said if I stop using medicine the fungus will just fight back and things would get worse?? Sometimes, I am just thinking stop it might help comfort the skins surrounding the nail.

I had been to see the dermatologist before I started ReclearAF last summer. But they only asked me to take Lamsil, and said none of the topical medicine works.

I am also desperately looking for the medicine (not the oral one) or any means that actually work! I am patient, I can spend 2 or 3 years on this I think!

Thank you all!

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