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Applying an acrylic nail to the exposed skin of the nail bed is the perfect way to give yourself an allergic reaction. Acrylic products should never be applied to skin as they are considered sensitizing agents. Also, they do not adhere well to skin considering that the skin contains large amounts of oils and moisture which are separating mediums. When one adheres acrylic products to the skin, or 'glue' a "fake" nail to the skin, an air-tight seal cannot be created, leaving spider-web areas that can allow fungal spores and bacteria to enter through these areas, set up housekeeping and turn into a full-blown infection. Let the poor thing heal and grow out on its own where you can keep an eye on it and keep it clean and dry.

If your toenails are dry and brittle, there is a reason - even if it is genetic. You can go to your local Sally Beauty supply and purchase a 240 grit buffer to lightly buff the surface to smooth it. Purchase a three way buffer as well and buff first with the black side, then the white side, then the grey side. After you have them smooth, you should apply a small amount of Botanical Oil to the surface and massage it into the nails and the surrounding skin. You can also get this at Sally's. It will also help the exposed skin of the nail bed on the damaged toe by conditioning and moisturizing the skin. Apply at least twice daily.

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