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No cuticle
Sep 20, 2007
I seem to be missing a cuticle for the past year on my thumb finger I honestly don't know how it happened. However, I keep getting infection in that part of my nail.

Dr. is clearing up infection, but cuticle doesn't grow back and opens nail for aother infection,

Any suggestion would be appreciated to help GROW CUTICLE BACK.

Re: No cuticle
Sep 21, 2007
You are mistaking the cuticle for the e p o n y c h i u m. True cuticle is the translucent skin that grows out from underneath the proximal nail fold where the skin touches the nail plate and is attached to the nail plate. The e p o n y c h i u m, on the other hand, is the skin right at the proximal nail fold, and is the skin that can becme infected with paronychia (yeast) which is a form of fungus. Treating paronychia requires either a topical prescription, an oral prescription or a combination of both. If you have your hands in water a lot, or if you work with acidic fruits, it will compound the problem. Once the infection has cleared, the e p o n y c h i u m will return to its normal appearance.

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