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I recently tore approximately half of the tip of my thumb off, from the tip of my thumb bone forward. In the accident the nail was ripped off. The ER doctor stitched the old nail back on temporarily to cover up the nail bed (which was stitched together) while everything healed. The nail that was stitched on temporarily has now been removed and the new nail appears to be growing back normally and is about halfway grown out. Now comes the problem. It appears that the new nail is pushing against the nail bed and is not wanting to grow out over the top of it. In other words it is pushing the nail bed and sort of wadding it up in front of it as it has grown approximately halfway out. Will this nail continue to grow until it grows underneath the nail bed or is there a way to force it over the top. I've been keeping an eye on it as it heals trying to decipher if it was going over the top of the nail bed or into it. It now appears that it may grow into the nail bed, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
When any portion of the nail plate is removed, the underlying nail bed will seem to push upwards. As the new nail emerges, it will also seem to grow 'into' this skin. It will take a while for the nail plate to properly grow over the raised nail bed, if it even does. It may just end where the nail bed was stitched back together as it will develop scar tissue and the nail plate cannot adhere to scar tissue. I know! I cut straight across the pinky nail and into the nail bed. Where the nail bed was cut, it is now the natural free edge, which is much shorter than it used to be.
So is there anything I can do to help the nail go up and over right now, or just wait and see what happens. The nail bed does appear crusty and flaky, as it still appears to be healing? My overall tip of the thumb appears thicker then the other undamaged thumb. With time and healing will this new nail potentially grow over the nail bed? If there is scar tissue across the nail bed can the new nail span the scar tissue and reattach to the other side. Please forgive my questions if they are silly, I am a construction worker. My mind isn't geared for the medical field. Thanks again for your help.

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