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I am desperate for some answers and am waiting to see another doctor at the end of this month. But, my problem with my nails just keeps getting worse each day. It began over two years ago when I thought all I had was a fungus on one big toenail. I began using OTC treatment for nail fungus. I was not religious about the application, but whatever I was using was not affecting the gross looking toenail. Then I was at my doctor's visit and explained what I did and showed her the nail. She prescribed a 3-month intake of Lamasil. Yes, I took it but the toe fungus did not disappear, only got a little bit better. After the 3 months was up, I did not do anything. A couple of months later, I initiated a visit with a dermatologist. I thought that I would just build up the deductible (which is over $4k) somehow. I told them that I had been using the Lamasil but I believed that it caused me to break out in hives. So they put me on another regimen of medication treating toe fungus. Then my other big toe displayed the same thing and I thought that I was spreading the fungus. My index finger began to get really red around the cuticle bed and the nail was beginning to look abnormal. On my second visit to this dermatologist, they decided to take a biopsy. Those results showed that I had nail psoriasis.... usually happening to those with psoriatic arthritis. Do my joints hurt they asked? No, not at all. Hmmmmm Then they decided to do another liver function test. This time the results showed some damage to the liver making me not a candidate to take the regular medication to treat nail psoriasis. They told me that the only thing they could offer was nail injections of steroids..... and there was no guarantee it would work. Sigh
Went back to my original doctor (internist) and told her the story about the dermatologist. They took liver test, decided that I had an enlarged liver and I had to pay $1200 for an MRI..... which showed fatty liver - enlarged liver. So I get sent to a specialist on my liver. He just said that it was probably my alcohol intake. So, I cut back on drinking so much wine. :-(
In the meantime, all of the fingernails on both hands have rotted off. Today, the rest of my toenails are beginning to do the same thing. I do not have ANY fingernails, or big toenails. Among all the specialists -- two dermatologists, a rheumatologist, and gastro-enterology -- none of them can confirm my disposition. All just want to run more expensive tests and still not make any promises. They can't decide if it is psoriasis or nail infection - onycholosis (sp?)
I have taken a break from doctors mainly because I can't afford it and I don't know which route to go. I have wondered if I have a bad liver problem -- perhaps caused by eating too much fat? -- and the symptoms pop out as losing your nails. Any suggestions what to do? I look terrible.
BTW - I'm 60 yrs old, just retired (so no one looks at my hands), poor, and overweight about 50 pounds. I know that I don't eat properly, but would that cause all my fingernails to go away? My fingers are beginning to look a little deformed -- the bottom half-moon portion of fingers appear look like scar tissue -- and the top half recessed. None of the rough skin that would be nail bed is there.

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