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... Hi Ronald. I had the same problem with the reddish discoloration and annoying sharp pain a month ago, although without any pus or thickness. This is what I did to my big toe which cured my big toe. ... (2 replies)
... a person looks for one they should make sure they have an excellent reputation. Some try some a tiny wisp of cotton gently put under the nail. Tight shoes at the toe or high heels would not help either. ... (2 replies)
... dark discoloration on the inside of my right big toe, not under the nail.. it looks like a bruise.. . ... (2 replies)

... Nail fungus is characterized by a yellowish discoloration, apparent separation of the nail plate from the nail bed and evident debris in the area of lift (the "gap") I would advise seeing your physician for a proper diagnosis as treatment started early will result in a faster 'cure'. (1 replies)
... I noticed that on my left foot, big toe there is a yellow discoloration of the nail, and it looks like at the very bottom of the nail as if it stopped growing, kind of like a gap there. ... (1 replies)
... My big toe nail has become slightly discolored and has quit growing...any ideas as to treatment? ... (0 replies)
... my daughter and i were playing around, roughhousing, and she fell on my big toe. her knee hit exactly in the center of my big toe. i immediately fell to my knees in pain. i could not compose myself, even to comfort her, as she knew that i was hurt. ... (0 replies)
... I have had a history of toe nail fungus for years and years. It used to be an ongoing problem. Then I was able to get it under control and it went into remission for lack of better words. ... (3 replies)
... The black bruise by the cuticle will eventually grow forward, but remember, toe nails grow MUCH slower than fingernails and can take up to a year to completely replace themselves. ... (2 replies)
I hate my big toe!
Aug 17, 2006
... If the nail is discolored, you can soak the toe in 5 minute Polident denture cleaner several times a week to remove as much of the discoloration as possible. The nail plate is very porous and this should help. ... (1 replies)
... It sounds to me like the nail plate may be crumbling from a fungal infection. Fungus is characterized by a yellowish discoloration to the nail plate, nail plate thickening/crumbling, nail plate separation and apparent debris in the area of separation (lifting). (1 replies)
... My husband and I were joking around and somehow his knee landed right on my big toe. It was really really painful and for two days I was hardly able to walk, but I was still able to wiggle my toe so I knew nothing was broken. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a bit concerned. I have reason to believe my left big toenail has stopped growing. ... (2 replies)
... A green discoloration under or on the nail plate is classic for Pseudomonas bacterial infection. ... (2 replies)
Fungal toe nail
Nov 8, 2004
... is due to the product you are using. That, or you may have aquired a pseudomonas bacterial infection under that toenail. Classic symptoms of Pseudomonas are a discoloration in the nail plate that begins as a light greenish color, then will proceed through the stages of brown, then turn black. ... (28 replies)
... You gave yourself a hematoma on your toenails. This is simply blood from the nail bed that is trapped between the nail bed and the nail plate. The discoloration will grow forward with the new emerging nail plate. ... (5 replies)
... would work better though. Ask her about Pseudomonas Bacterial infections. If the yellowish discoloration begins to turn more of a line green color, then it is definately pseudomonas as the discoloration is classic for the infection. ... (2 replies)
... I hope someone can give me some advice. I have had discoloration on the very end portion of my big toenails for years. It is only on the nail edge where the nail grows out and is no longer resting on the toe. ... (1 replies)
Is this fungus?
May 6, 2008
... Hello. About 10 weeks ago I dropped a 2 liter soft drink on my big toe. It hurt at first, but I had forgotten about it by the next day and went on with life. ... (6 replies)
... inch or less on big toe and just an itty bit pink showing on little toes. Been at this for about 4 months almost. Now on my other foot big toe there is in both corners a whitish discoloration but only in corners near the top. It does look slightly yellowy in the corners but not completely alot of white. ... (2 replies)

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