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... I have a vertical black line down the length of two of my finger nails, this appears to be on the surface of the nail, please can you advise me what this could be (1 replies)
... Thanks very much for your reply. The black line on my nail is very thin about 1mm. I scheduled with the doctor this Thursday. Could I ask after you did the biopsy, what kind of the surgery did you have? ... (16 replies)
... My second toe on my left foot was damaged many many years ago. After the injury healed, the nail never grew back the correct way. It was always lifted on the very top of the nail and I always filed it back down. ... (5 replies)

... are my experience. Mine started out as two thin lines that got progressively thicker and darker within the year. By the time I went to the doctor, almost half my nail was black. ... (16 replies)
... I can only advise through my own experience but going to see your dermatologist can't hurt you and perhaps you will be given peace of mind. Has the color of the nail fold changed? ... (16 replies)
... What most people don't understand is that ANY change in the nail plate is cause for concern. This is one reason why they ask women to remove any nailpolish or nail enhancements when having surgery. The doctors monitor changes in the nail plate during surgery as most health problems show up in the nail plate first. ... (16 replies)
... Because the underlying nail bed 'ridge' is swollen and is trying to push up through the nail plate. If you are concerned, please see your dermatologist. ... (16 replies)
... but my nail hurts when pressure is applied. why is this? ... (16 replies)
... A nail melanoma is a growth in the matrix where the nail plate cells are developed. the result is always a brown line that runs from under the proximal nail fold to the free edge. A white line is more than likely a ridge on the nail bed. ... (16 replies)
... can you explain what a nail malanoma is? ... (16 replies)
... It depends entirely on if it runs the entire length from cuticle to free edge. If so, you should see your dermatologist as it could be a nail malanoma growing in the matrix. ... (16 replies)
... what is a black line under fingernail? ... (1 replies)
... I noticed a black line, about the size of a hair startin from the cuticle a week or two ago. It runs down the length of my nail, after reading the forum I'm wonderin if its melanoma. ... (9 replies)
... went to the surgeon, and his way is to remove the entire thumb nail. I thought they would make a hole or something to that effect. I think removing the entire nail is a bit extreme. He said that way they could see if the black line is on my finger rather than just on the nail. ... (1 replies)
... nter, it is simply a splinter hemmoraghe and is nothing to worry about. If it runs from under the cuticle all the way to the free edge, it is more than likely a nail melanoma that has grown in the matrix. Nail melanoma can be cancerous, so you should see your physician for a proper diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... e, I noticed several people with these dark lines on their nails. In 2003, I began to see a faint pinkish line, run through my thumb nail. Over time, it became black and ugly! ... (7 replies)
... I have had a black line that starts at the top of my toenail and grows downward. It widens at the top as it grows down, and looks like it has white ridges on each side. ... (1 replies)
... Nail moles can be cancerous, so you should see your physician for a diagnosis. If they do find a melanoma, they will have to cut it out and your nail will forever grow in damaged if it grows in at all. ... (4 replies)
... brown lines down the middle of the nail, but my situation is a little different. I have had this dark thin line down the middle of my thumb for over a year now. Sometimes the dark line is from the cuticle to the tip and sometimes it only covers half the nail. ... (4 replies)
... Don't know how long it has been now, it started with my index finger and now three other fingers have this black straight line down my nail. From the cuticle to the end of my nail. I noticed now I have one also on my baby toe nail. Does anyone know what this might be? ... (1 replies)

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