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... In Nov of 2006, I banged my foot on a chair leg. I injured three toe nails. Two have fallen off and the new ones are growing in just fine. Things seemed to be progressing normally up to about 6 weeks ago. ... (1 replies)
... Usually a discoloration of this nature could be attributed to a pseudomonas bacterial infection, but it would usually compromise more than just the free edge. Fungus does not appear as black, but more yellow. Could be from your shoes if you don't wear socks. (1 replies)
... take a picture but don't have access to a camera right now. It is only black at the edges of the ends that are cut. So in other words, at the corners where the nail meets the skin. The discoloration seems to be on the bottom of the nail and it really can't be scraped or washed off. ... (1 replies)

... ime someone walks that far and does not do it as a 'sport', they will expereince some sort of trauma to the toenails. The white area you are seeing is where the nail plate has separated from the nail bed due to the stress places on the nails from walking. ... (19 replies)
... over a few days of intense pain blood appeared under the big toe nail. i did not injure the toe but i was on my feet alot that week. it still throbs on and off. the nail may be infected with a fungal infection as it was slightly yellow. ... (0 replies)
... Back in January, I was on a cruise and my big toe started to bleed under the nail. It didn't get hit, it doesn't hurt AT ALL just starts bleeding now and then. I don't think it's an ingrown toenail first because there is no pain, swelling or redness. ... (2 replies)
... I bought a pair of boots and walked the mall one time and they caused my big toe nail to have a huge blood blister under it. ... (14 replies)
... A little over a month ago, my right big toe nail developed bleeding under it, for no reason. ... (14 replies)
... The podiatrist can remove only the damaged portion of nail without removing the nail root which is where the nail palte cells are 'born'. If you do not have the damaged portion of nail removed so the doctores can treat the underlying problem, it will only get worse. ... (1 replies)
... Due to the separation, does that mean I will definitely lose the nail/s? Thanks for the info. (19 replies)
... I've just come across this forum after doing research online about nail health care. ... (0 replies)
... have gout. Podiatrists sometimes help people sort out foot difficulties although there are some that don't do such a hot job. I knew one that left diabetic toes bleeding afterward. If a person looks for one they should make sure they have an excellent reputation. Some try some a tiny wisp of cotton gently put under the nail. ... (2 replies)
... bleeding under the nail and I stopped for a while until it felt better. I played again recently and someone stepped on my toe. I take it I should stop completely for a longer time now. ... (0 replies)
... Also, it is a good idea to file the nail as short as you can and to apply a drop or two of peroxide to each affected toe. ... (14 replies)
... it's the pinky toe from my right foot. ... (1 replies)
Bleeding nailbeds
Apr 26, 2006
... lbed. The bleeding was pretty hard to stop. ... (3 replies)
... They may be splinter hemoraghes. If so, they will grow out with the nail plate. ... (1 replies)
... I have noticed some small bleeding under the inside corner of both of my big toes. ... (1 replies)
... told me to cut my nail down, so that the part that was digging in would be gone. ... (0 replies)
... A month or so ago, I suffered a rather nasty toenail injury tripping up the stairs. It bent nearly in half, the crease in the nail is still there to prove it. Amazingly, it hasn't fallen off yet, but its ugly and purple due to bruising and such. ... (0 replies)

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